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Neorago (Part 1)

Neorago (Part 1)

I walked out from my house. Another great day for me. It’s autumn but I felt so warm and happy. I don’t know why. It’s just me.

“Noona!” Someone hug me from behind. I was so surprised and just about to hit that person until I saw his face.

“Woonie…” I groaned. Woonie is my childhood bestfriend. We’re nextdoor neighbor and he’s 3 years younger than me.

“Morning Noona…” he smiled and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Morning Woonie.” I returned his smile. It’s hard to keep in bad mood when Woonie is around.

“Where are you going?”

“Training. Duuh.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Angel. I’m a trainee. Woonie –okay his real name is Dong Woon- is a trainee to but he still in a college and he always wake up early to walk me to the studio.

“Hahaha…well I just have one class today. So, I’m gonna take you out for…”

“Wait.wait “ I cut him off “You gonna take me out without…asking me first?” I stopped walking. I looked at him. Raised an eyebrow.

“Well…you have other plan?”

“No. Of course not. But…well…I don’t know.”

I can’t tell him this. I don’t know. We never keep a secret from each other. But I don’t wanna share this with him. I’m in love. Yeah, there’s a guy. He’s a senior and I’m in his dancing class.


We arrived at the Studio.

“Okay Woonie, bye…”

“I’ll pick you up at 1.30”

I just gave him a quick smile and ran to the building.

“Angel!!!!” said the other trainees, they waved at me.

“Hello!!!!” I waved back.


Suddenly I heard a deep voice from behind. I turned my head to the voice and saw him. Yes. Him. I felt my face getting all red and hot. I tried to control myself.

“Morning Ahjussi.” I nodded at him.

He chuckled which made him more gorgeous “I’m not that old…Angel. But I’m sure I’m older than you. I’m Donghae.”

“I’m Angel…” I said as my face getting hotter and hotter.

“You okay?” he asked.

I nodded fast “Yeah….yeah…I’m okay. I’m completely fine.”

“See you in class, dongsaeng.” He smiled and walked away.

I just starred for few minutes until a trainee tap my shoulder.

“Angel, what are you doing here? Let’s go.”

“Oh. Oh yeah.” I followed her into the building


(Woonie’s POV)

Something’s wrong with her. It’s like she’s hiding something from me. I’m sure. I know my Noona better than anyone else even herself. I watched her as she ran towards the building then I saw him. That guy and my Noona were all red and everything and I know my Noona’s in love and she didn’t tell me. I don’t why I can’t stand the view of them together. So I just walked away to my college.


(Angel’s POV)

I was so excited that day. I did the warm-up and later he came. He with all his charm. I couldn’t stop starring at him. He looked at me and smiled. Oh my God he’s so beautiful. I smiled back at him then the practice started.



I drank my water.

“Hey Angel.”

I almost choke but I ended up with coughing like crazy.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

I cleared my throat “No. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

He sat beside me “Well, to be honest, you’re the most talented trainee in my class and I really wanna know you…better.”

I blushed furiously as I smiled at him “Ehh…thank you…”

“So…wanna go get lunch with me?”


“Yeah only if you want. We can have private talk…get to know each other…”

“Sure.” I smiled brightly

“See ya at the front gate then?”

I nodded.

I took my bag and walked happily to the front gate. But when I open the door I saw Woonie stood there. His back against the pilaster.

“Woonie…wh-what are you doing here?”

His smile gone and he frowned “What am I doing here? We gonna lunch together Noona.”

“Uhh…I – uhh – I can’t Woonie…” I looked down.

“Why? What happened?” he lifted my chin “Are you sick Noona? You look kinda pale…”

I step backward and when I was about to make an excuse. The door open and there’s Donghae.

“Ahh, here you are Angel. Can we go now?”

I froze and my heart beat faster. I won’t see Woonie’s reaction.


(Woonie’s POV)

I couldn’t believe it. I looked at that guy and then at my Noona. She rejected me for that guy?

“Hello, are you Angel’s friend?” said that guy with a smile.

I looked away. I couldn’t hold my anger any longer. I don’t even know where that feeling came from. So I just said in a very low voice “Yeah…maybe.” And walked away.


(Angel’s POV)

I just saw him walked away.

“Hey Angel…we…we don’t have to go if…”

“Oh no. It’s okay. We just had a little misunderstanding. But we can solve it tonight.” I hope – I added it in my mind. I know Woonie will never forgive me for rejecting him like that.

“you sure?”

I didn’t want him to be sad too so I forced my best to smile “It’s okay. We’re bestfriend. We can solve it.”

Donghae smiled and took my hand “Okay then…come on.”


That Night.

I put on my white robe with little Strawberries printed on it (I love Strawberry) and I looked out from my window – my bedroom window is right next to Woonie’s bedroom window – His window were shut but the curtain’s open. I open my window, leaned on it and just stared at his window. Then I suddenly hear a voice behind me. Right in to my ear.

“looking for someone?”

I startled and then realized. It was Woonie. I turned at him and hug him.

“Woonie…I’m so sorry.” I teared up. I felt so guilty.


(Woonie’s POV)

I was surprised. I never thought she would hug me. I hug her back and I wouldn’t let go. I was too afraid

“It’s okay Noona. I’m sorry.”

“I just…I really like this guy…”

I felt my heart break into pieces. It’s weird. I mean…she’s my childhood bestfriend. She’s my Noona. She’s my treasure but…oh God…do I…


(Angel’s POV)

I slowly pulled away until around 5 minutes sobbing in his arms.

“How did you get here?”

“From front door. Duuh…”

“Teukie let you pass?”

Woonie just gave me a mysterious smile and then he sat on my bed.

“Why, Noona?”

“Why what?” I sat next to him.

“Why you didn’t tell me? About that guy?”

I bit my lip “I don’t know. Really, I never mean to hide it from you. I just…I don’t know.”

Woonie just stared at me. He stroked my hair and he moved his face close to mine.


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