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Pretty Boy (Part 1)

I stared jealously at Onew-Hyung. Why he so lucky? He officially dating Jihae-Noona. Jihae-Noona is one of the female model of CLRIDE.n I secretly like her I never know that Onew-Hyung like her too and he’s fast. Okay, I maybe younger than her but I really curious. Did she even notice me as a boy? Not just a partner in some photoshoots. Well, here they are coming to me. I try my best to act normal and it’s hard to see that beautiful Noona already belong to someone else.


“Hey Tae…always look pretty as usual. Love your hair.” Said Jihae-Noona.


I froze. What did she just say? That’s why she doesn’t even fall on me. She sees at me as one of her girlfriend not a boy. Okay, many people call me cute, pretty and everything. I don’t mind, really. At least I’m not ugly but why her too?


I forced a smile “Uhh…yeah. Kamsahamnida.”

“We’re gonna go out. Is it okay for you to stay here?” asked Onew-Hyung.


Yeah, Onew-hyung is a good guy. He’s always take care of me. He doesn’t even know I like his girlfriend. I shouldn’t blame him. It’s not his fault if Jihae-Noona pick him.


“Jonghyun will be back a little late with Minho and key, well he’s shopping…and only God knows when he will come back.”

“I’m okay Hyung.” I smiled “I’m 17. I can take care of myself.”

“Okay. Stay safe okay? Call me if you need anything.”

“Bye Tae…” Rae-Noona smiled at then she walked out with Onew-Hyung.


The door bell woke me up. Whoa. I must be fell asleep. I looked at the clock 8pm and outside is raining. Maybe Key-Hyung? I walked to the door and open it then I saw a girl. She was all wet and she was crying. I know who she is. She’s my schoolmate. Well, one of the popular girls.


“Ichigo? What are you doing in here?”


She shivered and then she fell. I catch her before she hit the ground and I brought her in. I put her on the couch. I put a blanket on her and made her a cup of tea. I didn’t know what I should do so I just wiped her face with a small towel and waited until she awake. And few minutes later, she frowned and open her eyes slowly.


“Thank God you’re awake. I thought you were coma…” I immediately stop. Why I said silly stuffs like that? Babo Taemin.

“Where am I?” she asked weakly.

“Uhh…it’s me and my Hyungs apartment. You came here by yourself. All wet and you were crying…the next thing you faint.”

“I…” she was trying to remember then she closed her eyes “Ahh yeah…I didn’t know where to go until I remember your apartment near here.”

“Uhh mwo? You know where I live?” I was so surprised and I regret for what I just said. Of course she knows. If not, she wouldn’t be here. That was a stupid question.

She chuckled “Of course I know…”


She tried to sit so I help her and I gave her a cup of tea.



She took it “Thanks.” She drank it

“So…what happen?”

“I broke up with Hyunji.” She looked down “I caught him cheating. I yelled at him and I was so confused…I didn’t know where to run…” then she paused “Oh sorry. I shouldn’t dump all these things on you.”

“It’s okay.” I nodded and gave her a comforting smile “But you have to go home. Well when one of my Hyung come, we’ll take you home.”


The door open and Key-Hyung walked in with lots of shopping bag.


“Hey Tae…look what I just fo…oh.” Key-Hyung stopped when he saw me and Ichigo “Oh sorry Tae…you didn’t say…”

“No. No. No.” I said quickly “It’s not like that. She’s my schoolmate. I helped her. She faint and…”


I turned to Ichigo and wow she stared at Key-Hyung in such an amazement. I can see it in her eyes. I felt so bad. My Hyungs are so charming. Girls see at them as boys but girls see at me as their ‘girl’ friend. Oh God. Why am I so pretty?


“Hyung can you help me take her home?”

“Of course.” Key-Hyung smiled “I’ll put these first okay?”


“So, she’s Japanese huh? Because her house looks so.” Said Key-Hyung while he drove back to our apartment.

“Uh…yeah. People said she half Japanese-half Korean.”

“People said?”

“Yeah, she’s very popular you know. That’s why I was so surprise to see her in front of our apartment. I mean…I’m invisible in school.”

“You’re in SHINee.”

“That doesn’t make any difference in my school Hyung.”



I just kept silent. I still remember the way Ichigo stared at Key-Hyung. A girl never stared at me like that.


“Tae, you okay?”


I walked into my classroom and the immature peoples started throwing papers and erasers at me. What’s their problem actually? I never do anything wrong to them. I just avoid all those things and sat on my desk.


“Hey Tae…look so pretty today but I you forgot to put conditioner to your hair.” Said one of the mean people and somebody poured milk to my hair.


I was so shocked and angry but I couldn’t do anything. I ran to the bathroom and started washing my hair and after a while I came out from the bathroom and I saw somebody waiting for me. It was Ichigo. When she saw me, she walked toward me. Her face is worried.


“You okay Taemin? I saw you ran out from class…what happen?”

“Just daily activity. Arrived, Got bullied, save myself.” I shrugged.

“Why you don’t stand against yourself Tae?”


I felt offended that time. I got mad.


“You never know what it’s like to be me, Miss Perfect. You know what? Because you’re too perfect.” I just left her there and that was my worst mistake.


I threw my bag to the sofa and it accidentally hit Jonghyun-Hyung.



“Hey! What’s your problem?” said Jonghyun-Hyung.

“I’m sorry Hyung. I didn’t mean to.” I sighed and sat beside him.

“What happen in school?”

“How do you know?”

“Don’t avoid the topic.”

“Same old story.”


Jonghyun-Hyung leaned back and stared at the ceiling.


“You have to do something for yourself Tae. You’re strong. Don’t be like this.”

“Hyung, I just don’t get it why they do those things to me? I never do anything wrong with them.”

“That’s the point dongsaeng.” Said Onew-Hyung that suddenlly stand in front of me and Jonghyun-Hyung.

“…and why is that?” I asked him.


Onew-Hyung walked toward me and kneeled in front of me.


“They’re jealous. And no. I’m not saying this because I’m your Hyung. I’m saying this because this is the fact. They jealous. You have something that they don’t. I ever been in high school Tae. I know. So, be confident and don’t let anyone torture you like this again okay?”


Me and Jonghyun-Hyung stared at our leader in amazement.


“Whoa.” Just that that came out from Jonghyun-Hyung’s mouth.

“Wow Hyung…”

Onew-Hyung smiled “I just do what I should do, Taemin. I’m the oldest here and I’m responsible for all of you.” Then he looked at Jonghyun-Hyung “Especially you.”

“Wh-Why me?”


Onew-hyung just smirked and walked away.


‘You have something that they don’t…’

And what’s that? Pretty face? Dance skills? Do I have to prove myself to know it? I’m so confused.


I arrived at Ichigo’s Saturday night party. My Hyungs forced me to go and show the people who Taemin really is. I never understand my Hyung’s way of thinking. And I didn’t know what possessed me, all I know next was I’m standing on the stage and the music started to play and I started dancing, popping and I enjoyed every second of it. And when I finished. All people stared at me in silence. I was so embarrassed but then one clapped then two then the room full with claps and cheers from all people. I slowly smiled, bow and walked down stage. I saw Ichigo walked to me but all of sudden some boys and girls surrounded me and took me with them. I didn’t saw Ichigo again that night.


I open my eyes and…


“WHOA!!!” I was surprised to saw four curios faces above me “What Hyung?”

“Tell us.” Said them in unison.


I was so scared that time. What happen to my Hyungs? I slowly got up and looked at them one by one.


“Okay. This is so stupid. He’ll never get it.” Said Key-Hyung.

“Yeah, Onew-Hyung’s way never work.” Said Jonghyun-Hyung.

“Hey, I just try to respect him!” said Onew-Hyung.

“Stop blaming each other.” Said Minho –Hyung.


And they started to argue. I still confused. I just watched them arguing but then Key-Hyung realized.


“Hey, we just make him more confused. So let’s just ask him.” Key turned at me “So?”

“So?” I asked.

Key-Hyung rolled his eyes “Last night, maknae. Last night. What happened last night at Ichigo’s Saturday night party?”

“Oh…ah…it was…”

“Yeeeessss???” The Hyungs said in unison again. They kinda funny and scary at the same time.

“Well…I dance…did the popping and everything. Well…let’s just say it works.” I smiled a little.

“Really? Like…really work?” asked Key-Hyung.

I nodded.

“Like…really really work?” asked Onew-Hyung now.

I nodded.

“Like…really really rea…”

“Stop it! That’s so unnecessary.” Jonghyun-Hyung cut Minho-Hyung.


(author : Let’s just fast forward it. So after that night. Nobody underestimate Taemin anymore. He has so many friends. He’s not invisible anymore. Even the bulliers apologized to him. Everybody loves Taemin and his popularity even beats Ichigo’s)



I turned and saw Ichigo. I smiled “Hey Ichigo.”

“I’m happy for you Taemin. Since that night…well…you should do that earlier.” Ichigo smiled.

“Yeah…thank you.”

“Hey, I wonder if you wanna come over tonight. Well I’m gonna make a cake and I need a tester.”

“Oh you want me to become the first?”

She chuckled “Yeah…”

“Okay, I’d love to.”


That Night at Ichigo’s House.

“Hey Tae…come in.” Ichigo smiled at me. She was so pretty.

“Thank you.” I walked in.


Ichigo walked to the kitchen and I followed her. Then she asked me to sit on the dining table seat. Ichigo cut a piece of her cake.


“It’s chocolate almond cake.” She said and took a sit beside me.


I took a bite and it was awesome. It delicious. I turned at her, she was starring at me. Oh God. She’s so pretty. I can’t resist her. I don’t know where did I get the will to kiss her but I suddenly remember Key and the way Ichigo stared at him that day. So I just stood up.


“The cake is good. Really. Thanks but…I have to go.”

“So fast?” Ichigo stood up too.

“I…I need to do my homework.” I made a very lame excuse. I couldn’t stay here much longer. It’s so hard to resist her.


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