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Pretty Boy (Part 2)

I got back to the apartment and found Jihae-Noona. I forgot how beautiful this Noona is.

“Annyeong Tae.” She smiled.

“Annyeong Noona.” I smiled back “Where’s Onew-Hyung?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Oh…” I continued walking to the bedroom and l threw myself on the bed.

I don’t know me anymore. I’m not invisible anymore. I have friends. No one bullying me but why I feel so empty? I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt somebody stroke my forehead. I frowned. This definitely not one of my Hyungs. I opened my eyes and saw Jihae-Noona.


“What happen Tae? Well, I know you’re in hard times now.”

“Is it that obvious huh?”

“Well…” Jihae-Noona shrugged “I don’t know. I just…know.”

“It’s nothing Noona. Really.” I moved away slowly.

“Tae…are you…avoiding me?” Jihae-Noona looked shock well who doesn’t if someone moved away from you that fast? I swear I can saw the hurt from her eyes.

“Noona, it’s not like what you think. I ju…”

“You can just tell me if you feel bothered by me. It’s fine with me. You better tell me than act like this.” She tried to hold her tears and then quickly walked away and just then Onew-hyung came. Oh okay. Now I’m doomed.

“What was that Tae?”

“Hyung, I can explain.”

Onew-Hyung frowned “What did you just do to her?”

“I don’t know hyung…she thinks I’m avoiding her which I’m not. I just…well she’s your girlfriend. I just respect her relationship with you hyung.”

“I’m gonna go get her then…”

Key-Hyung came to me the next day when I was having my breakfast. Onew-hyung was making the breakfast.

“Hey Tae…Morning.”

“Morning hyung.”

“What happen last night?”


“Well I can tell from your face that ‘something’ happen last night.”

“Ugh…it was…” I looked slightly at Onew-hyung who just done cook his pancake.

“Everything’s okay Tae.” Onew-hyung put a plate full of pancake on to the dining table and took a seat.

“What was happen?” Key-hyung looked at Onew-hyung then at me.

“Just a little misunderstanding between Tae and Jihae but I talked to Jihae last night.”

“Oh. Mianhae hyung.” I looked down.

“It’s okay, really.” Onew-hyung smiled at me.

Key-hyung shrugged and started eating his pancake and not long after that Jonghyun-hyung and Minho-hyung came to join us.

After breakfast me and Key-hyung went out to buy some groceries. At the market, I wander around while Key-hyung picked all items that on the shopping list.

“Hey Tae…”

I turned and saw Ichigo “Oh,uh…hi…”

“You okay?” Ichigo smiled. I felt kinda relieved because at least Ichigo not mad at me.

“Eh…well…” I smiled quickly “I’m okay.”

“Good. Well you looked kinda not okay last night. I was worried.”

“You do? I mean…thanks but I’m completely okay.”

“You here by yourself?”

“Oh. Naaah. I’m with my hyu-“

“Oh Tae there you are.” Suddenly Key-hyung came and once again Ichigo stared at him in amazement in her eyes. I could see clearly that time. She’s really fall with Key-hyung.

“Hey lady…you okay?” said Key-hyung to Ichigo.

Ichigo shaked her head and she was obviously blushing that time. I felt terrible that time and I don’t know why.

“I’m sorry Oppa…I just…” Ichigo chuckled “…forget it.”

“Oh okay.” Key-hyung smiled and once again Ichigo stared at him again.

“She’s pretty Tae. Ichigo, I mean…” said Key-hyung.

“You like her?” that question just blurted out from my mouth.

“Wait. What? No. Besides, you like her right?”

I shrugged “I don’t know hyung. She’s gorgeous but I don’t know. She’s too perfect for me.”

“She looks like she likes you.”

“Yeah, of course who doesn’t like Lee Taemin? The great dancer with the pretty face.”

Key-hyung laughed “Pretty face? That’s  a good thing right? You’re so kyopta.”

I groaned “Hyung, stop calling me that. I’m a grown up now. I’m not that…kyopta anymore.”

School day.

I walked thru the corridor. All eyes at me. All of them said hi/good morning to me. I replied all and smiled at them. Then I bumped into someone.

“Oh sorry…I…”

“it’s okay. I’m alright.” That girl smiled and blushed a little.

“Oh Good then.” I smiled back.

“I’m Yunhwa. Shin Yunhwa.”

“Oh.” I confused “I’m Taemin. Lee Taemin.”

“Yeah, I know you Taemin-Oppa.” That girl’s face blushed more “Sarangheyo.”

“Mwo?” I was so shocked. Who’s this girl? What’s in her mind?

“Taemin-Oppa sarangheyo.”

“I’m sorry but…I don’t even know you.”

“It’s okay.” Yunhwa smiled sweetly “You will like me too.” And she walked away.

I blinked my eyes and shaked my head. Whoa…what was that? A girl? Like me? No. She LOVES me. I still can’t believe it. Somebody actually like me.

That night.

“Tae, you look so…bright today.” Asked Minho-hyung when me and him played a video game that night.

“Well.” I couldn’t hold my smile “Somebody actually like me as me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well a girl just told me that she loves me.”

“Good thing then eh?”

I laughed “Yeah…”

“What’s her name?”

“Shin Yunhwa.”

“Who?” asked Minho-hyung quickly.

“Eh…why?” I kinda surprised seeing Minho-hyung like that.

“Uhmm nah. Nah…” Minho-hyung shaked his head and smiled but I know that’s not his real smile. I know my hyungs so well.


“Tae, it’s just…forget it.” Minho-hyung got up and walked to the bedroom. What’s with Yunhwa?

The Next Day. School.

“Morning Tae-Oppa!!!” Yunhwa jumped in front of me outta nowhere.

“Whoa!” I automatically stepped back “Oh. Morning Yunhwa.”

“You look perfect today…like usually.”

“Oh well thank you. You’re pretty yourself.” I said. Well, it’s not just words. Yunhwa looked so pretty that time with a high ponytail and full bangs.

She blushed “Thank you.” She smiled “Oppa, can I ask you something? Well…you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.”

“Huh? How can I know if I want answer it or no if you don’t even ask.”

“Oh right.” She giggled and blushed more and now her face is so red I’m sure her face can explode anytime “Do you have a girlfriend?”

I raise my brows “Do I look like I have one?”

She shrugged “Well then do you have someone you like then?”

“Yes. You.” I said it out before I could even stop myself. I don’t know what was in my mind that time. I just said it and Yunhwa’s face is getting more and more red “Ehh…can you stop blushing? I’m afraid your face will explode.” And I regret for what I just said. Why I always say things without thinking first? “I’m sorry! I mean…” and the next thing I know Yunhwa kissed me.

“Hey Tae.”

I turned and saw Ichigo “Oh hey Ichigo.”

“I heard about you and…Yunhwa?”

“Oh.” I looked at my lunch again “Yeah.”

She smiled at me “Congratulation then…she’s a sweet girl right?”

“Yeah she is.” I nodded and then I saw Yunhwa with her friends. Well, she’s pretty and she looked so happy. Of course, she was dating me, taemin the pretty boy.

“Tae, do you have time? Well since you dating Yunhwa…”


“Next week is my dad’s birthday and I need some help. He loves music and you’re a musician. So…maybe you can help me.” Ichigo smiled.

“Well, I’ll call you okay? I can’t decide now because well…you know…me and Yunhwa just started dating.”

“Okay. See ya around.” Ichigo chuckled and walked away.

“Really Tae?” Onew-hyung surprised.

“Well is that that strange hyung? I’m a boy andit’s normal if I have a girlfriend.” I felt so offended.

“No.” Onew-hyung laughed “It’s just…well…I don’t know you like somebody all these times.”

“I thought you like Ichigo.” Said Key-hyung.

“Ichigo who?” asked jonghyun-hyung.

“One of tae’s schoolmate.” Said Key-hyung “she’s pretty. She’s half Japanese half Korean.”

“Whoa…you have her photo?” asked Onew-hyung and Key-hyung punched Onew-hyung’s shoulder.

“Hyung, he has Yunhwa already. Get real.”

“Yunhwa?” asked Minho-hyung that just join us.

“Yeah, it’s taemin’s girlfriend.” Said Jonghyun-hyung and suddenly I felt so guilty. I know I don’t know anything about what happen between Minho-hyung and Yunhwa but I already dating her and I can’t just break up with her. I was starting to like her. She’s adorable, funny and it’s hard not to fall for her.

I looked up at Minho-hyung and mouthed “mianhe.”

Jonghyun, Onew and Key hyung confused but Minho0hyung just got up and walked away.

“I’m gonna buy something for dinner.” And went out.

“Dinner? I thought it’s my turn to cook dinner.” Said Onew-hyung.

“Eh…it’s good thing huh hyung? We had enough of your chicken dishes.” Said Jonghyun-hyung and we all laughed even me.

I accompany Ichigo today. We went to a music store.

“Is it okay Tae?”

“I told Yunhwa and she said okay. She has to go with her mom also.”

“Oh.” Ichigo nodded and smile.

“So, what kind of music your dad like?”




“Well not all people can enjoy trot. For me trot is as good as pop, hip hop…”

“You think that too? I like trot as well. I got it from my dad for sure.”

“Hahaha now let’s pick some new CDs for your dad.”

“Hey…look at this. Karaoke. He will love this.”

“Yeah and here…All Time Favorite Trot Songs.”


After that, me and Ichigo bought a new jacket for her dad then we went to a food court to lunch.

“Thank you Tae. You’re so kind.”

“No problem. I love helping friends.”

“I never know you’re close with Yun…” Ichigo paused “Oh. I’m sorry. It’s private.”

“It’s…well…it’s just happened.” I shrugged

Ichigo nodded “So…please come to my house next Friday. You and your hyungs. For my dad’s birthday dinner.”

“Eh you serious? Me and my hyungs?”

“Yes. Waeyo?”

“Nothing. It’s just…well…I’m surprised.”

“You help me pick the present and mom said I can take a few friends.”

“Oh. Okay then.”

“You can bring Yunhwa too if you want. I don’t want her to misunderstood.”

“I can take care of that and thank you for the invitation.”

“You’re so welcome Lee taemin.” Ichigo’s smiled.


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