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Bingeul Bingeul (Part 2)

The following day, Julie woke up and she saw someone sat in front of her on the edge of her bed. Julie got up. Blinked and…

“Eli?” Julie gasped and pulled her blanket up to her neck “What are you doing here?”

“I’m gonna take you to therapist, I talked to Xander alr and he said yes,”

“Oh. Okay then. But Eli…uhh can you give me some privacy? I’m goona get ready…” Julie grinned.

Eli blushed a little and chuckled “Oh yeah, of course. Sorry. I was gonna wake you up but you woke up alr. Okay I’ll wait downstairs.” Eli smiled and walked out.

Julie and Eli just got back from the therapist. Now they are at the park near the therapist place.

“I hate this crutch.” Julie mumbled

“Let’s sit then…” said Eli and they sat on the bench near the fountain.

“I still can’t believe this…my leg…”

“But the doctor said. It’s not that bad. You can walk again in no time.” Eli smiled at Julie.

Julie smiled back “Ah yeah…” Julie sighed “Xander still mad at Kibum.”


Julie nodded “I don’t know why. I mean well it’s not that I’ll lose my leg but Xander act like I’m not gonna be able to walk again.”

“He must be so shocked. Well you know how is he. He loves you so much. He protects you.”

Julie frowned and bit her lip “Eli…”


“Am I…that barbie to all of you?”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“You, Xander…and other members call me Barbie.” Julie’s face became cloudy “I’m just a doll. That’s why I never get a boyfriend. Because I’m not even real to them!”

“Julie…calm do-“

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I never ask to be like this! I don’t want people scared at me because I look too perfect! I wanna trade all of this to be a normal girl!”


“You never know what it’s like to be me! You’re an idol! Everybody loves you! You never kn-“


“Shut up! Don’t try to stop me cause I don’t wa-“ Julie stopped because Eli kissed her lips all of sudden.

Eli pulled away and Julie stared at him in shocked “what…what…”

“Julie, I like you.”


“I know I call you Barbie too but I don’t see you as a living Barbie. I see you as a girl.”



Julie started to sob “You kissed me. You don’t respect me! I’m just a doll to you! Don’t lie! You kissed me because you want to not because you like me!” Julie grabbed her crutch and walked away as fast as her injured leg can take her.

Xander called everyone that he knows. It was raining so hard and Julie didn’t come home.

“What do you mean she’s not with you?” asked Xander to Eli over the phone.

“She was with me but then she got mad at me and left.”

“And why don’t you chase her?”


“What exactly you did to her Eli?” Xander’s voice tone became deep and scary.

“Xander-hyung I was…it was out of control…it was…”


“I…I kissed her.”

“WHAT? YOU…WHAT? You bastard! Why on earth did you do that idiot?”

“Like I said I was out of control.”

“Now where I can find her in this heacy rain?”

“I’m so sorry hyung, I’m gonna try find her.”

“Yeah. Like how?”

“I…I’m gonna try my best.” Eli hung the phone.

Xander started to think abot where Julie might went.

“Julie? Can you hear me?”

Julie frowned and she opened her eyes slowly. She saw someone.

“Ah finally you wake up.”


That person chuckled “Nah. I’m Hyungjun. Kibum is making you a drink. You’re in his room now”

“Oh. How…how did I get here?”

“I found you on the street and when I call you, you fell. So i brought you here. Where were you doing with that leg?”

“I…” and then the pictures of Eli kissed her flashed in Julie’s brain “I just…I was just walking around.”

And then Kibum walked in with a cup of tea and put it on to the table.

“Ah you’re awake.” Said Kibum. Smiled in relief.

“I shall go.” Hyung Joon smiled at Julie “Recover soon Barbie.” And he walked out. Kibum sat on the bed beside Julie.

“What were you doing out there Julie? I was shocked when hyung brought you in.”


“Don’t…don’t do that again okay Julie? Please?” said Kibum softly “I was so worried.”

“Geurae?” Julie looked slowly at Kibum. Kibum nodded.

“Your body was so sold. I thought…you…but hyung told me that you’re still breathing.”


“It’s hyung not me.”

Julie smiled a little “But you take care of me…”

“Ah. Here.” Kibum took the cup “drink this…so you can be warm.” Kibum gave the cup to Julie but Julie hands were shaking and can’t hold the cup “Ehh…here I help you.” Kibum help Julie drink the tea and suddenly Kibum’s cell rang. Kibum tooke his cell and read the caller i.d “Oh I’m so gonna die.”

“Is it Xander?”

Kibum nodded and answer the call “Yoboseyo…ne. Aniyo…Hyung found her on the street. Okay. Yeah. Arasso.” And then Kibum hung the cell.

“What did he say?” asked Julie.

“He asked about you. He’ll pick you up.”

“Ugh…Okay then.”

Xander’s Car.

“What was happened Julie?”


“Don’t act like that. You know what I mean.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”


“Xander…I need some privacy please? Stop tre—“

“What? I responsible for you! I always make sure you safe and sound. You’re welcome.”

“Even Hyung Joon – Oppa called me Barbie.” Julie murmured.

“Huh? What?”

“I’m your sister Xander,I’m not a Barbie.”

Xander stop the car and turned to Julie “Julie, what are you talking about?”

Julie bit her lip and started to cry.


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A fanfic writer, a song writer, a singer and a dancer. I'm also a Hello Kitty freak. I love everything about Hello Kitty. I'm a chocoholic and a STARBUCKS lover. I'm an ULTIMATE KISS ME. I LOVE Kim Kibum with all my heart. I also a hardcore VIP, BBC, Playgirlz and A . I love MUSIC-ALL KIND OF MUSIC. But I'm more into K-POP and Western. I don't care what people think about me. I am what I am and I keep supporting my idols whatever it takes. Love me or hate me but here's no between.

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  1. xander figure so protector haha, can you please make some moment that xander have no to over or get mad like that ? let him reliaf and laugh like he always do hahaha . im anticipate ur ff. wait for the next chapter 🙂


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