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Another Cinderella Story (New Version) (Part 1)

Hwannie is a girl from a very rich family and with very rich I mean very very very rich. Well she’s Choi Siwon’s little sister, now you all know how rich he family she come from. Meanwhile, not so far from that huge house there was a nice house. Just a standard house with two brothers live in it. They are musician. The older brother, Lee Sungmin is a working on a music store nearby and the younger one Lee Sungjin stay at home and do the housework.

“No, Hwannie.”

“But I want it! I want it I want it I want it.”

“Stop being idiot and go to your room!”

“You can’t order me!”

“Of course I am. I’m your big brother and I’m in charge when mom and dad aren’t here.”

“Oh yeah I can ju…”

“You can have anything! Anything you want but NOT that one!”

“But princess Jasmine has it!”

“Princess jasmine is only a cartoon. Besides you already have that big aquarium full of beautiful fishes.”

“I can’t play with them.”

“But you CAN’T have a TIGER!”

Hwannie was so angry at Siwon. Well, she always get what she wants until now but logically, even her parents won’t let her to have a tiger.

“I’m gonna go get some air.”

“Take care.”


Hwannie walked along the neighborhood and flashed a smile every time people recognize her and said ‘hi’ until she found somebody in front of her fell and so did all his groceries. Hwannie ran toward him and help him up.

“Omo, are you okay? Come on, I help you.” Hwannie put all the groceries in the paper bag.

“Thank you…oh-“ that boy looked up and starred at Hwannie “oh-“

“You okay?”

“Miss Hwannie? Choi Hwannie?”

“Eh…yeah…the one and only…” Hwannie smiled a bit. She kinda scared with this boy.

“Thank you so much.” He stood up.

Hwannie stood up too and gave the groceries to him. The boy took the paper bag.

“Be careful next time okay?”

“Ne.” he bowed “I’m Lee Sungjin.”

“No need to bow. Let me accompany you home. Okay?”

“No need too Miss, I-“

“It’s okay. I don’t have anything else to do and just call me Hwannie okay Sungjin?”

That boy nodded and smiled.

“Nice house.”

“Well…but it’s nothing than yours.” Sungjin unlocked the door.

“Believe me. My house isn’t that nice.” Hwannie chuckled “You live by yourself?”

“Ani. I live with my Hyung.” Sungjin open the door and let Jenn walked in.

“Where is he?”

“At work. Well, I have a bad health so he decided that I can do the housework and stuffs like this. Well, I’m easy to get sick and tired. You saw I fall back there.” Sungjin smiled a little “Well, enjoy yourself for a while. I’m gonna put these groceries.”

“Take your time Sungjin.” Hwannie smiled.

Hwannie looked around. She really love the atmosphere in this house. So nice and warm. She looked at the family portrait. A small family, Parents and two sons. Hwannie took the portrait and smiled at it. This whole place is feels so…homey. Minutes later Sungjin came back with a cup of tea. Hwannie put the portrait back and sat on the couch.

“Where’re your parents?”


“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“No. It’s not it. It just…I never know about them. Hyung never tell me about our parents. I just know a little.”

Hwannie nodded and drank the tea and suddenly the front door open and a man that must be Sungjin’s Hyung came.

“Sungjin! Why you let the door o-“ that person paused when he saw Hwannie and Sungjin sat on the couch.

“Hyung, this is Choi Hwannie. She help m-“

“Yeah. I know who she is. Thank you.”

“I don’t even tell you ab-“

“I’m tired Sungjin.” And Sungjin’s hyung just walked away.

“Uh…noona mianhe. He’s my hyung, Lee Sungmin. He never act lke this before maybe-“

“It’s okay.” Hwannie smiled and put the cup back on the table “Maybe he doesn’t like me. I…I better go.”

“I’m so sorry about my Hyung, noona.”

“It’s okay. Really.”

“Where have you been?” asked Siwon after Hwannie walked it and passed him.

“Outside…duh.” Hwannie said while kept walking. She didn’t even look at Siwon which made Siwon suspicious. He followed Hwannie.

“Where-have-you-been?” Siwon grabbed Hwannie’s arm.

“Outside. It’s not your business where. The thing is I’m safe and sound now.”

Siwon frowned “What do you mean with safe and sound? What was happen? Honestly, Hwannie.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Hwannie pulled her arm away from Siwon and rushed into her room. But Siwon was faster. He hold the door and followed his dongsaeng into the room.

“Urgh.” Hwannie groaned “Go away.”

“No. At least not until I know what was going out there.”

“It’s okay Siwon-Oppa. I’m fiiiine. Stop nagging me!”


“You’re not my mother!!!!” Hwannie lost her patient and yelled at Siwon. Siwon shocked and just stared blankly at his dongsaeng.

“What’s wrong with you? You never yell at me like that well until few seconds ago.” Siwon frowned.

Hwannie kept silent and just stared at the floor.



“Why you don’t wanna tell me?”

Suddenly Hwannie broke into tears. Siwon hugged her “Ssssh…Hwannie-ah, what happen?”

“Am I…that annoying?”

“What do you mean?” Siwon stroked Hwannie’s hair.

“Somebody…somebody hate me and he…he…” Hwannie said between her tears “He shows it.”

“What? Who?” Siwon looked at Hwannie’s eyes.

“His name is…Lee Sungmin.”

“And…why he hates you? You know him?”


“And why he hates you? He has no right for that.”

Hwannie’s pulled away “I don’t know okay?! That’s why!”

“Then just get over it. You don’t know him why you even bother?”

“Because it means I ever did something wrong.”

“But actually you don’t.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“I’m your brother. I’ve been taking care of you all of this time. Ignore him. He maybe just a jealous weirdo.”

“Oppa, since when you became so mean?”

Siwon just shrugged.

That night Hwannie walked out. She can’t sleep because she kept thinking if she ever did something wrong. Hwannie put her coat on and snuck out from the house. She just kept walking and walking and she found a bench. She sat there, thinking, thinking  and thinking. Suddenly someone sat next to her. Hwannie automatically move further.

“You shouldn’t go out alone this late. What if a bad guy kidnap you and threat you family to trade you for some money?”

Hwannie felt offended and turned her head to whoever beside her and she saw…

“Lee Sungmin?’

Sungmin slightly looked at Hwannie then looked straight again.

“What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?”

“Heh, stalking you? Why would I do that? The question is what are you doing here? You’re the heiress.”

“I’m not. Stop calling me that.”

“Oh yeah, you’re not because you have your brother.”

“What’s your problem?” Hwannie became a little mad.

Sungmin still calm “I was talking with myself.”


Sungmin chuckled “yeah…I hear that a lot. I am a weirdo.”

Hwannie kinda surprised hearing what Sungmin just said “Excuse me, you HEAR that people calling you a weirdo A LOT?”

“Ne.” Sungmin nodded “Why? It’s normal…oh I forgot you’re life is far from normal. Your life is so perfect. Perfectly settled, perfectly planned…”

“I don’t know what are you talking about.”

“Choi Hwannie, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate you.”

Hwannie glared at Sungmin. Sungmin smiled but not toward her.

“You’re a great young woman. Look, you’re a heiress…”

“I’m not a heiress.”

“Let me finish.” said Sungmin still not look at Hwannie “Being a heiress isn’t that simple and like it or not you have to take the responsible. Your brother can’t manage the company by himself.”

“What if I don’t wanna to be a heiress?” Hwannie looked a Sungmin at turned Sungmin’s face to face her “Look at your partner while you talking, Lee Sungmin. And now you listen to me. Listen carefully. You don’t know my life AT ALL. You don’t know what I want! And I’m gonna tell you now : I want a normal life!” Hwannie stood up and walked away. She teared up as she walk.

“You cried.”


“And you weren’t in your bed last night.”

“So true.”

“So what were you doing last night and where?”

“Not very far. Just around and well I missed Umma and Appa.”

“You can’t fool me. Something happened to you. Why you don’t wanna tell me? I’m your brother.”

“I don’t need to tell you everything in my life, Oppa. I don’t have to. Look, I know you care of me. But for this, trust me Oppa, I can handle it by myself.”

Siwon’s face got cloudy “I just wanna protect you. Sorry if I’m being overprotective.”

“Nah…you do fine Oppa.” Hwannie smiled a little “Just for this time, let me handle my own problem.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive.” Hwannie winked.


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  1. omo! chy dongsaeng is good writer… But im curious what happened between sieon n sungmin? are they know each other before? *_*


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