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Pretty Boy (part 3-end)

Pretty Boy (part 3-end)


“Yeah Oppa?”

“Uhmm…Ichigo invite me and my hyungs to her dad’s birthday dinner this Friday. I wonder if you wanna…come?”

“Uh…” Yunhwa quickly smiled “It’s okay Oppa. Go with your hyungs. I’m fine.”

“It’s not like that. If you wanna come I’d be more happy.” I smiled softly and stroked her hair.

Yunhwa smiled and shook her head “Naah…I’m okay. Really Oppa.”

She rest her head on my shoulder. I kept stroking her hair. I didn’t know why but I love that little girl. She seemed so fragile and the only one that can put her together was me. I kissed her forehead lightly and put my head against her. (awww sweet Tae~~~jealous of my own fictional character XD 😛 -author-)

The Day came. Me and hyungs went to Ichigo’s house. Well the rest of the night went well until we decided to get back home.

Ichigo’s dad said to me “I’m so thankful Ichigo find someone like you, Lee Taemin. After she broke up with park Hyunji she changed a lot but she slowly back to her senses now. Thank you so much.”

Ichigo wasn’t there that time. Me and hyungs were all surprised especially me of course. But I couldn’t do anything that time. I just smiled and hurried home.


“Do you think Ichigo said anything about you and her to her dad? And by anything I mean something she made up.” Asked Key-hyung.

“She’s not that kind of person hyung.” I said “It’s maybe just her Dad.”

“Well, for sure he saw something between you and Ichigo. Something that you both don’t realize.” Said Onew-hyung.

“Hyung, get real.” Jonghyun-hyung groaned and turned away. Started to sleep.

“Well, it’s not that bad. He just misunderstand the relation you have with Ichigo. That’s it. Case closed. Now, good night.” Onew-hyung turn off the light and went to bed.

Yunhwa ran to me. Her ponytail bounce as she ran. She was so pretty.

“Tae-Oppa!” she hugged me.

I hugged her back and chuckled “Yunhwa.”

“How was the dinner? Was it good?”

“Yead, well, it’s just a dinner. The difference was we sang Happy Birthday before.”

“Ahh…how was Ichigo? Was she okay?”

“Ehh…yeah.” I puzzled “Why you asked about her? What’s with her?”

“Just asking.” Yunhwa shrugged “She’s my sunbae and your friend. I don’t see any reason why I can’t ask about her.”

“Well…your my girlfriend and you ask about other girl.”

“I’m just asking! It’s not a big deal!”

“Don’t shout!”

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“You’re shouting too!”

“It’s because you shout first! Don’t mkae the situation worse!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong! You’re the one who was over acting!!!!”

“Stop shouting!”

“FINE! I’ll shut up!” Yunhwa ran away.

“Shish. Little girl.” I turned back and bumped someone “Hey! Watch where yo…Oh Ichigo?”

“Hey Tae…” Ichigo smiled and tilted her head “What happened? I saw Yunhwa ran away.”

“Well…just a little misunderstood.”

“Oh.” Ichigo’s smile gone and she looked at the direcction where Yunhwa ran “then why you don’t ran after her?”

“No need.” I shrugged “I will talk to her but not now.”

I walked out from the school. I waited for Yunhwa but I didn’t see her. I called her cellphone number but she didn’t pick up. Then I saw Ichigo.

“Waiting for Yunhwa Tae?”

“Ne.” I nodded.

“But there’s nobody inside the school anymore. I’m the last person.”

“I see. She didn’t pick up my phone too.”

Ichigo bit her lip “Well give her time. We, girls, need to cool our head down.”

“Geurae? Well then.”

“Hey, let’s go to the coffee shop near here. You have to calm yourself too.” Ichigo smiled a bit.

“Sounds like a good idea.” I smiled and we headed to coffee shop.

Coffee Shop.

“Dad loves the presents. He playing the CD all day.”

I chuckled “Really? Whoaa I’m glad hearing that.”

“He likes you and your hyungs.” Ichigo smiled “He said you all are gentlemen.”


I spent the rest of the day with Ichigo. I felt better that day. Ichigo was a fun girl. Well, she’s mature and like a noona for me. It makes me feel comfy.

It’s been a week and Yunhwa still didn’t answer my call. I called her like crazy and I was getting worried. Did something happen to her? I didn’t see her at school either. Jonghyun-hyung said she just wanna get many attentions, Key-hyung said she’s going crazy (he was joking) and Onew-hyung said that she maybe sick.

“I don’t know her house.”

“Ask your friends, maknae.” Said Jonghyun-hyung “You have a lot of them right?”

“Shish. Okay.” I called one of my friends and nobody knows where Yunhwa lives “She’s my junior and I don’t have friends that close to her.”

“Oh well that explain she never exist.” Said Key-hyung “Which mean she doesn’t even real.”

“Key-ah, how could you say that? Ask Ichigo, Tae.” Said Onew-hyung.

“Ah yeah. I’m gonna try that tho I know it’ll be as useless as others.” I called Ichigo and surprisingly she knew where Yunhwa lives and she even offered to accompany me “Hyung, Ichigo knows where.”

“Then go. What are you waiting for?” said Onew-hyung.

“Ne. I’ll go now.” I nodded and when I was about to leave, I saw Minho-hyung and he just slightly looked at me and then walked away. Minho-hyung knows something. I don’t know why but it’s kinda frightening me.


“She lives in apartment? I mean…she still in high school.”

“Just go in. I wait here.”

“Eh you don’t wanna come too?”

“Believe me. Things are better faster without me.” Ichigo smiled.

I walked into the building and ask for Yunhwa’s room number. When I got it I went there. I pressed the door bell. No answer. No repond. I pressed again. Nothing happened. I tried to open the door. Unlocked. Whoa…this is dangerous. Very dangerous for a 15 year old girl like her. I stepped inside slowly. I looked around lookeing for any signs of her. But the room seemed so normal. So did the kitchen and then I saw the bedroom door was sligthly opened. I walked there and open the door wider and I saw her. Stood at the balcony. I walked in and saw her cellphone broken on the floor near her bed. I frowned.


No answer. No repond. No movement.


Still no answer, respond or movement. Yunhwa just stood there like a statue. I couldn’t help it. I can’t see her like that. I back-hugged her “Yunhwa-ah…forgive me…”

Yunhwa’s body startled and  she suddenly broke into tears.

“Yunhwa? What happen? Baby…tell me what happen?” I turned her body to face me. I lifted her chin up “Yunhwa?”

“I thought you’re gonna hate me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I…I don’t know. You choose Ichigo sunbae than me. I saw you two went tohether that day.”

“Wh-Oh God…I was waiting for you but you didn’t show up. I chigo tried to cheer me up. Yunhwa listen,you’re my girlfriend. I love you. Ichigo is my bestfriend.”

“It’s okay if you’re happy with Ichigo sunbae more than me Oppa. Gwenchana.”

“What’s with you?” I tried so hard not to go mad with this childish little girl. I tried to be mature for her. I’m older and I’m her boyfriend.

“I know you mad at me. Mianhe. I always like this.”

“Let’s just forgive each other okay? It’s no use to keep this misunderstanding continue.” I said to her softly.

Wow! I can’t believe what I just said. My hyungs wouldn’t believe either if I told them what I just said to Yunhwa.

“Ne.” Yunhwa nodded slowly.

Life Goes On.

I haven’t seen Ichigo for few days and one day I saw her at the library. I walked to her and sit in front of her.


Ichigo looked up and smiled “Taemin-Kun.”

I chuckled “Hey, where have you been?”


“I didn’t see these past few days.”

“Oh.” Ichigo looked at her book “I got cold.”

“You don’t look so good now. You sure you better?”

“I’m okay Tae. Really.”

“You look so pale.”

“It’s nothing, okay?”

“Ichigo, I know you so well.”

“No. You don’t know nothing about me.”

I shocked at that words. Ichigo? What’s wrong with her? We’ve been friends. Good friends. How come she acted like this? I took a deep breath.

“Fine. Then we’re done.” I said codly and stood up “I thought we’re friends.” Then I walked away.

“Tae, eat your dinner.” Said Onew-hyung.

“Can I skip?”

“Skip? What’s with you? Since when you skipping dinner?” asked Jonghyun-hyung serious.

“Taemin-ah, what’s wrong? I’m gonna make you tea so you can feel better.” Said Key-hyung. He’s so umma-like. Well sometimes his nagging are disturbing but now, I don’t really care.

“Where’s Minho-hyung?” I asked.

“He’s sleep already. I guess he’s sick.” Said Onew-hyung.

Key-hyung came with a cup of hot tea and put on the dining table in front of me “Drink this and eat your dinner. If you feel like talking after that you can come to me or Onew-hyung.”

“Hey, what’s with me? He can come to me too.” Complained jonhyun-hyung.

“No hyung. You is the last person to talk about these kind of things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Go rest hyung. Your leg still need some more.”

“Ne, Key-umma.” Jonghyun-hyung rolled his eyes and walked to the bedroom.

I never heard anything about Ichigo after that and I kinda forgot about it. I had fun with Yunhwa and had many perfomances with my hyungs. So, I feel my life is just normal until I saw Yunhwa cried at school.

“Yunhwa, what happen?”

“Oh.” Yunhwa seemed so surprise with me-which was weird-“No-Nothing.”

This is why I never get girls’s way of thinking. They obviously into somethingand they still can say ‘nothing?’ WTH?

“Yeah,nothing. And you’re crying for nothing? Great. Now my girlfriend is weird.”

The ‘now my girlfriend is weird’ thing always works. Yunhwa glared at me and then she started to talk.

“Leukemia. She’s in coma and I can’t do nothing. I don’t wanna meet her mom.”


Yunhwa looked ame slightly then looked down. She bit her lip and said in a very thin voice “Shin Ichigo.”

“Shin…No way! Not that Ichigo.”

Yunhwa nodded “Shin Ichigo it’s Ichigo sunbae. She’s the only girl in this school that has the name Ichigo.”

“What’s with her mom? Why you don’t wanna meet her? You don’t even know Ichigo that well. I mean…you’re not close with her.”

Yunhwa smiled sadly and shook her head slowly “No. I know her more than you do Tae.”

“I can’t believe you lie to me all these time.” I mumbled,

Me and Yunhwa took a taxi to hospital.

“I’m not lying. I just don’t tell you anything about that.”

“You lie! You act like you don’t know her. She’s your sister for God sake.”

“Step-sister.” Corrected Yunhwa.

“Whatever. You and her have the same dad anyway.”

“I hate that Japanese woman. She never loves me. She only loves her own daughter.”

“So that’s why you live alone in apartment?”

Yunhwa nodded “Dad let me after I convince him for hours. I still make contact with Dad and sometimes Ichigo-unnie but Mrs. Takahashi Makoto? Naaah.”

“That’s non-sense Yunhwa-ah. I mean your relation with Ichigo is good. Why you crashed with her mom?”

“She doesn’t love me!”

“How do you know that?”

“There was this guy I met at Book Club around a year ago. I like him very much. He’s older and caring. One day I brought him home and that woman shoved him off because he’s way older than me and she preched about how young and pure I was to understand about serious relationship, she even asked me to stop being a member of that club…and blah blah blah.” Yunhwa rolled her eyes “She’s a nightmare.”

“Maybe she just worried about you. You were younger.”

“I wasn’t gonna sell myself or something. I don’t even his girlfriend that time. We were friends and he wanted to see my book collections.”

“Appa!” Yunhwa ran to Mr. Shin.

“Lee Taemin?” said Mr. Shin in surprised.

I smiled.

“He’s my boyfriend Appa.” Said Yunhwa.

“Oh.” Mr. Shin face turned confuse and I know why.

“How’s Ichigo-unnie?”

“She’s still in coma.”

I saw Ichigo’s mom. She walked closer to Yunhwa.


“Don’t touch me.”

“I wasn’t mean to…”

“I said don’t touch me.” Yunhwa ran to me and hug me. I looked at Yunhwa. She cried and I hug her back, trying to comfort her.

I walked in and smiled to Ichigo. Ichigo looked so pale and weak.


“Ichigo…mianhe. Jeongmal mianhe. Forget about what I said in library that time.”

“I forgave you already Taemin. I always forgive you. You know what because you’re my bestfriend. Maybe I can’t have you but I’m glad you’re my friend.”

I frowned “You mean…you…”

“Yeah, I like you but you seem to like my sister more.” Ichigo smiled at Yunhwa who was standing beside me.

“But I thought you like Key-hyung.”

Ichigo chuckled weakly “Naaah. Why you think that?”

Yunhwa teared up “Unnie, if I know you like Taemin-Oppa first, I wouldn’t take him from you.”

“It’s okay, Yunhwa…he likes you.”

I put my arm around Yunhwa’s shoulder “Yeah, at first I didn’t know why but as the days gone by my feelings for you getting bigger.”

“I’m happy for you two. Take care of her okay?”

“Unnie…” Yunhwa started to sobbing.

“Since when?” I asked Ichigo.

“Well since I was 13.”

“You’re strong Ichigo. I know you are.” I grab Ichigo’s hand gently and hold it “Please…for your family…for me…”

“I can’t take it anymore Taemin. I don’t have any strength left.”

“Ichigo, don’t say that…”

Mr. Shin and Mrs. Takahashi walked in.

“I…love you all. Yunhwa, mom…please…be nice to each other okay? That was misunderstanding. Yunhwa, get back home.”


“Ichigo…” Mrs. Takahashi started to cry too.

“Dad…I love you. Taemin…glad to know you. I love you…”

I hold my will to cry “Ichigo, you…”

And the next second…Ichigo leave this world forever.

Yunhwa got back home and her relationship with Mrs. Takahashi is getting better.


I looked up. Minho-hyung “Yes hyung?”

“Well, it’s about Yunhwa. I know I’ve been acting so childish but…well I like her too. But that was then…we met in a book club and…”

I frowned and cut Minho-hyung “Wait. Did Yunhwa’s mom shoved you off?”

“Ehh…yeah…how do you know?”

“Yunhwa told me the same story but she didn’t mention the boy’s name. So it was you,huh,hyung? Small world right?” I chuckled.


“It’s okay hyung…and do you know about Ichigo too?”

“She told me a lot. I know verything. It kinda hurts to know you’re the one that she like that time. That’s why. But I have to face the reality. I was stupid acted like that to you Tae. It’s not you or Yunhwa’s fault. It’s just my selfishness.”

“Yeah, it’s okay hyung. Really.” I smiled.

“Proud of you Tae.” Minho-hyung tapped my back.

“Uri Baby Taemin is no longer a baby.” Said Key-hyung outta nowhere.

“Yeah…he has a girlfriend, he understand Minho’s childish act…” Onew-hyung sat beside me.

“We’re sorry about Ichigo.” Said Jonghyun-hyung.

“Oh yeah…I remember what she told me.” Said Key-hyung.

“She told you something? When?” I asked. Frowned.

“At grocery store that time remember? When you left to buy some rice cakes she came to me and I asked ‘why you starring at me like that? You do that twice. One was at our dorm.’ And then she laughed and said ‘Yeah, I know. I just don’t get it…why you looked so pretty? You’re so pretty Oppa. I’m amazed.’”

Jonghyun-hyung laughed so hard “Hahahaha…Oh Key…it’s the first time I heard somebody told you you’re pretty. Not so almighty anymore huh?”

“Oh shut up hyung.” Key-hyung rolled his eyes.

“Everything’s alright?”

“Ne. Makoto isn’t that bad.”

“It’s Minho-hyung right?”


“The guy in Book Club.”

“Oh.” Yunhwa looked down “You know.”

“Minho-hyung told me myself. But don’t worry it’s okay.”


“Well, it depends…do you still like me or…”

“Oppa!” she stared at me “How could you said that? I like you now. I was scared at first when I found out you and Minho-oppa are at the same group but…I don’t wanna lose again.”

“So you like before you know about me and Minho-hyung?”

“I like you since I first entered this school, Oppa.”

I smiled. Yunhwa’s serious face wass so funny. I kissed her softly on her lips “Saranghae.”

Yunhwa blinked her eyes. She stunned “Oppa? Did you just…”

“Well yeah.” I blushed instantly. That was automatically “Yeah I guess…”

“I…can’t believe.”

“Well…” I chuckled “Me too actualy but let’s make believe.” I moved my face closer to her and as she closed her eyes and I closed mine, we kissed.