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Just Some Things To Be Consider

Roleplayers. They come with different name in Asia as fakers, whores or whatever the name of the community is. Basically they all are the SAME. They all are roleplayers. They all are become somebody else, they roleplay a person/character (usually famous person or characters from movies, TV Series even cartoons and animations). And why this thing called roleplayers came from? As I know, most of roleplayers are a writer, story writer and stuffs. With this community, they can make a story, along with other writers (like collaborating a story).

I’m a roleplayer too. I started to join a roleplayer community on February 2010 which was a HEROES roleplayer (A TV Series) yes, I’m a huge fan of that TV Series and just suddenly I found them on twitter, I found two characters, follow them and saw they talking to each other like some kinda of a story. I got interested, so I tweeted one of them and he asked me to joina roleplay. He gave a site which include some rules and everything about the community and join them. At first I was confuse but I get along with the others and I make some good friends there. The same story happen when I joined PJO roleplayer.

Then I become a K-poper and join a roleplayer on facebook on February 2011. I was enjoying that and still playing the same character until now (and some other characters). It’s a total fun and I met some new characters of people. Then I found new types of person : haters, antis and bashers. At first I only understand haters. But then I was shocked when I heard about antis and bashers….well almost all haters and antis are bashers.

Those never bugging me until I join fake world. Another roleplay world that has many unwritten rules. It was fun and organized since they don’t have doubled characters. So, the world was fun and everything until some chaos keeps coming. The place when I usually use to distract me from my tiring day become a place that can’t amuse me. I don’t know what happen there and those roleplayers there are bashing each other like WTF. I don’t understand since those immature things never done on my perfect roleplay life before.

So, what I’m about to say is….K-pop roleplayers, you are should be more mature on this. I am a K-pop roleplayer too but my roleplay skill shaped from rules and roleplayers of American/European Community. They never bash, if the dislike or even hates certain people in RL or RP, they just ignore them and unfollow them. So they unfollow each other and there. Problem solve.

But here, in this K-pop Rps…Gosh people you all so shallow and immature. Even thos PJO roleplayers are more mature and they are mostly about 12-15 years old (some of them are older but most consist of that age) but they not shallow and they just wanna have fun.

See? Well, most of people say roleplayers don’t have life. So what? We choose to be roleplayers because we want to and think about it, person that throw hates and bash into the roleplayers (which are useless) don’t have any life at all. If they hate roleplayers of any reason, just don’t bother to contact them. Just stay with your own life and have fun there. Done.

This is what immature roleplayers problem : THEY REALLY LOVES TO INVOLVE IN OTHERS BUSINESS.

Come on. Just be mature. Hates roleplayer like us? Just leave us. Don’t be so childish with bashing and all those stuffs. Because the professional roleplayers are people that just wanna have fun.

This is why Roleplayers should be more professional. In Heroes RP, they use “()” to talk in RL. SO when they online and not in RP mode, they just like : (I can’t online more this mornig, because I have school to do) and stuffs like that.

So, they can’t mixed up real life and role play life ^^ we must learn from that.

P.S : oh about some love things that happen there. Every roleplay community always having that. I mean roleplayers are human too and they can attracted to other roleplayers but it’s just for fun, we make friends and just happen to found ‘love’ right? It’s our choice if we wanna get involve or not.


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