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Brigade07 – Sweet Of Curse

Coz I’ll do, I’ll do to love you
But I just really wanna try
That’s why you leave me and now you’re gone

My brain stop thinking, it’s too late I can’t controlling… I can’t controlling.
She’s perfect person, she’s let me down
My heart goes round’n when you’re not around here yeah

This last the song, the picture of deep inside my heart
Can I tell you something that I’m not ready to be alone…

Here comes the truth of mention
But you just wanna get so far..
Don’t ever be the same
Some love or word can make you different

Coz I’ll do, I’ll do to love you
But I just really wanna try
That’s why you leave me and now you’re gone

This complication, so burn my imagination… imagination
A simple word for sweet of curse
And conversation for real explanation

So right your trough to where you are A part deserve it…… A part deserve it
And you just try to carry on
My heart goes round’n when you’re not around here

This last the song, the picture of deep inside my heart
Can I tell you something that I’m not ready to be alone…

Here comes the truth of mention
But you just wanna get so far..
Don’t ever be the same
Some love or word can make you different

Coz I’ll do, I’ll do to love you
But I just really wanna try
That’s why you leave me and now you’re gone


The Portrait

Another hot summer day at the Merriman’s resident.

So, what will we do?” Jason says.

I don’t know” Ryan shrugged. He drank his orange squash “Godpleasewhy the weather is so fuckin’ HOT!”

Well…you make it worst by saying that.” Chels said. Cassie got out from the swimming pool.

Okay.we have to getaway.” Said Cassie. Sat next to Ryan.

Hey, let’s visit Pops and Nana!” said Chels in excitement “We never visit them sinceChristmas.”

duh.” Said Ryan. Rolled his eyes.

Oh, come on Ry…you can ask the boys to come too

Okay, we can go there with my ride and Spence’s”

Chels smiled for a while and then it gone.

One more thing Ryan, I don’t think we safe in ur truck.”

Why not?” Ryan grin. Chels groaned and jumped into the swimming pool.


The other agree. So they planned to go next Sunday – without tell Pops and Nana. They want it to be a surprised with Spencer’s van and Ryan’s truck.


Sunday. 9am.

I always knew Ryan’s stuffs were never a good idea. But this fuckin’ truck is a fuckin’ nitemare! Does it have to jumpin’ us upside down all the time?” said Chels. Frustated.

That’s not the truck. The road that rocky. Hey sisterwhere’s ur spirit of adventure?” said Ryan. Laughed. Ryan wass on the front. Driving. Jason beside him and in the backseat are Cassie and Chels. Cassie and Jason laughed with Ryan.

Chels groan “ Urgh! Whatever! U and ur spirit of adventure things whatever are making me sick, brother.” Chels mimicked Ryan’s expression.


They arrive at evening around 5ish.

Blackmoon Manor.

They parked their cars and walked to the front door. Ryan knocked with the huge door knocker (trust me, this one is really big).


What’s the name of this house again?” asked Jason.

Blackmoon Manor.” Chels said.

Ewwwhy ur grandparents pick a house with this creepy name?” asked Cassie Shivered.

It’s kinda cool.” Said Brendon. Shrugged.

Where’s everybody?” said Ryan. Confused.

He began to knock the door again. When the door open there was a pale girl with freckeled face, cold blue eyes and sandy straight hair standing in front of Ryan.

Who are u?” said that girl coldly.

Jon became mad “ The question is who are u bitch? And what do u do in Mr. Merriman’s House?’

I’m Alaine. The nurse who take care of Taylor Merriman.”

What happen to her? And where’s my Pops?” Chels shouted.

He died.”

Chels gasped. Ryan rushed in followed by the rest of them. Ryan found his Nana sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

Nana!” Chels hugged Nana.

Oh. Hey sweetieI know you’ll come with some friends.”

What? Buth-how do u know?”

Nana smiled mysteriously “I just know.”

what? That non-sense!” said Ryan.

Ssh.” Chels stared coldly at Ryan and she turned to Nana again “Where’s Pops, Nana?”

He’s on a trip to Mexico.” Nana whispered.

Wh-? What in the hell happen to him? A trip? Mexico? At his age?” Ryan protested in whispering too.

Yeah…he’s on Mexico. Don’t tell anyone.”

Chels and Ryan felt so scared about their Nana’s behavior. Suddenly the pale girl came and said to Nana.

Come on Taylor, time to go to bed.” Alaine help Nana got up from the sofa and took her to her room. Strange. One word that described all these things.


Something strange happen here.” Said Brendon.

Yeah, we have to find out.” Said Spence.

Oh please just fired that random bitch Alaine whatever!” Said Cassie in frustration.

Orcall the police.” Said Jon.

No. No. No. We don’t even know what happen here. We don’t have any evidence.” Said Ryan “Now, let’s go to bed. So tomorrow we can start our ‘investigation’.”

Urgh! Not a detective thing again Ry” Said Chels. Bored.

So they choose their room. The house is huge. There’re enough room even for every single person. But Chels didn’t wanna sleep alone so she shared a room with Cassie. Ryan, Jason, Jon, Brendon and Spence pick their own room. Ryan didn’t sleep that night. He spent most of the night trying to figure out all those creepy.


The Next Day.

Ryan woke with surprise when Chels rushed in.

Okay Ryan, Where’s she? I just wanna remain u we’re in a unexplained situation here!”

Yeah…and she? Who she?”

duhdon’t act like u don’t know!”

Chels, just tell me who she!”

Cassie. U sleep with her!”

What the fuck?! No! I don’t! Look! I’m all alone!”

U lie! I woke up and Cassie is nowhere to be found!”

WHAT?!” says Ryan. Shocked.

Erru really don’t know are u?”

Of course I don’t know.”



Still no sign from Cassie.

Where’s Nana?” said Ryan.

I saw her in the backyard on her rocking chair.” Said Jason.

I’ll go ask her. I wanna know what the fuck was happen and the rest of you do the investigation.”

Oh no Ryan. I’ll do the talk. You don’t even know how to say hello to her.” Said Chels.

Okay okay. Whatever.”

So Chels went to backyard.

Spence, you check Nana’s room. Some of you try to make Alaine stays in the kitchen. Because I wanna check her room.” Said Ryan with low voice. So Brendon , Jon and Jason went to the kitchen while Spence looked for Nana’s bedroom. Ryan went to backyard and found a pav that had to be Alaine’s room. Ryan still remember Cassie and how she suddenly disappeared. Ryan looked around, made sure nobody saw him then he reahed the door’s knob and tried to open it but it wouldn’t open.


Damn. It’s locked.” Ryan whispere. Ryan took his pocket knife from his pocket and tried to use that on the key hole.

What do you think you’re doing young man?”

Ryan gasped and turned back ‘Alaine? What’s she doing here? She should be in the kitchen.’

You’re trying to go into my room right?”

Lady, you’ll see. I’ll find out who you really are, bitch.” Ryan walked pass the girl and went in to the house. He saw Brendon, Jon and Chels. Chels was crying.

Hey, how did she escaped from you?” asked Ryan to the boys.

She wasn’t in the kitchen. She’s nowhere to be found…” Said Brendon “…and…Jason’s missing too.”

Then, Ryan understand why Chels cried.

What? How?”

We spread out to find her. When we checked the main room, Jason’s nowhere.” Said Jon “Chels’s so shocked and she wants to kill Alaine.”

Sist, hey…calm down.” Ryan put his arm around Chels.

Just let me kill that bitch! She’s behind all this!” Chels yelled.

Ryan stroked Chel’s hair “How about Nana?”

She kept saying that Mr. Merriman in Mexico on road trip.” Chels sobbed and shrugged “ And also kept saying that Alaine’s a sweet and nice girl.”

Jon looked around “Where’s Spence?”

Oh my God! Come on!” Ryan ran to Nana’s room followed by others but Nana’s room is empty too “DAMN! Too late!”

What?” asked Jon.

We’re too late. He’s gone too…”

Ryan, what the fuck is ging on in here?” said Brendon angrily.

I don’t know.” Said Ryan. His voice lowered and his face cloudy. All of sudden they heard Nana’s voice. They ran to Nana and saw Nana on the floor.

Nana! What happen?” Ryan took Nana up with Jon’s help. They helped Nana sat on the sofa in the living room, in front of the fireplace.

Turn it on please.” Said Nana.

But Nana…it’s sum…”

Nana cut him off “Just turn that goddamn thing on! I’m freezing!”

Ryan looked at Nana in confusion and turned the fireplace on. Instantly the weather getting hotter.

Oh God, what happen to Nana?” asked Ryan, more to himself.

:I’m alright Ryan. Now, can you please get me a canned Lychee?”

But Nana…” Said Chels. Frowned “You’re allergic to Lychee.”


The next day.Chels rushed again into Ryan’s room “Jon is GONE!”


I can’t get this.” Chels started to tear up “Ry, I can’t take all these things anymore”

Ryan pulled his sister closer and stroked her head “Me too Chels, but we have to find out what was happened here.”

Our friends are mysteriously disappear Ryan.”

Brendon came. He looked so awful.

“…” He just starred blankly at Ryan and Chels.

Okay, let’s go to Nana’s bedroom. I know something began there.” Said Ryan. Chels shivered. Ryan held her.



Nana’s room.

They searched in.

Hey, look at this!” said Chels. She held a photo album. Brendon and Ryan came close to Chels and looked at the photos inside the album.

Do you realize something guys?” asked Brendon.

Yeah, I think I do noticing something. I thought it was my eyes but all Pop’s face are blur.” Said Ryan.

Suddenly Nana’s appear in front of the door.

He died. That’s why.”

They surprised and turned around to Nana.

Nana, you okay?” asked Ryan.

He’s going to die. That’s explain the blurry face.”

Chels walked close to Nana and hug her “Nana? Are you okay? You remember now?”

Yes sweetie. I know why John (Grandpa Merriman/Pops) not here.”

Why?” asked Chels, Ryan and Brendon in unison.

Well he..akh.” Nana’s body fell and Chels saw a knife stabbed at Nana’s back “NOOOO!”

Ryan took Nana, took the knife off and put Nana on her bed. Brendon calmed Chels down. Suddenly Chels saw someone or something ran passed the door.

HEY!” Chels tried to run but Brend held her tightly.

Where do you think you’re going?”

Get off me Brend! U have to go after that fucking son of a bitch!”

No! I won’t let you go.”

PLEASE? That thing killed Nana and Pops!” Chels cried out loud. Her tears flooded her face. Ryan covered Nana with a blanket and took Chels into his arms.

I lost them too Chels. We all are.”

Chels sobbed on Ryan’s chest. Suddenly the light went off.

DAMN!” said Brendon and he turn the lights from his cellphone and looked for something from the drawer. He found two flashlights. He took them and gave one to Ryan.

We better get to my room. It’s right next to this.” Said Ryan


Chels opened her eyes. Sunlight came thru the window. She saw Ryan and Brandon slept on the floor. Chels stretched and got off bed. She went to her bedroom to change and found Cass slept on the bed. Chels blinked her eyes and shaked her head. Yes! It was her!


Cass opened her eyes slowly “hoaahmmm…what?”

You’re back!”

Back from where?”

Well…forget it! I’ll go find the rest.”

Chels ran to Jon, Jason and Spence’s room. Her heart beat faster and yes! She found them in their own bedroom. Chels woke Ryan and then they woke everyone up and went home.



Merriman’s resident. Ryan’s bedroom.

Ryan sat on his bed and took Nana’s diary from his backpack (he took it from Nana’s bed drawer the night Nana got killed) and he read it. Suddenly an envelope fell from the diary. Ryan took it and it seemed like nobody ever opened it before. Ryan opened it and started to read it.

Tay Love,

Sorry, I never tell you about this. But really Tay I never trust that kid. But she’s really an evil girl. She learned it since she was a little girl. I don’t know why. She wanna be immortal. I found her parents at leat…well, they dead though but I found her grandpa. I made a phonecall he had Alaine’s parents dried blood. The name is Mr. Feston. Mr. Feston knew that Alaine will be dangerous. He kind of psysich (sorry I don’t know how to spell it) I think. And the one that can stop her just with her own parents’ dried blood. When you reading this, I ‘m on my way to Mexico to took that dried blood. I just wanna let you know that I miss you and love you.



P.S : Don’t let Alaine takes control of you. Please Tay.

Ryan gasped. Ryan read the diary again. So, Alaine was adopted. John never wanted to adopt her in the first place but Taylor fell in love at her and just love that girl so much. So, Taylor signed the Adoption Files and stuffs. Ryan sighed and put the diary on his desk. He went to bed.

All of sudden, ryan felt something shinny appeared in front of him. Ryan opened his eyes slowly.


Ryan frowned. Tried to look clearly “Pops?”

Go to Mexico.”

What? But I thought…you…where are you?”

Pops made a weak smile “Just like Alaine has said to me. I died when I was on my way to Mexico. The plane crashed. Ry, you have to kill her. She’s evil.”

She kileed Nana, Pops”

I know.” His face turned from sad to angry “ Only her parents’s dried blood that can stop her.”

But why? And…where her parents now?”

Her parents dead. They were special. Her mom can see future. She knew their child will be an evil. She knew that only her and her husband’s dried blood that can stop her and they would die too. And yes. Her mom died when Alaines was born, but as she told her husband, her husband took all his wife’s blood. He told his dad to do the same when he died. And suddenly the witch – who was his dad’s crush – killed him. She claimed Alaine to be the next her. Alaine’s grandpa finally killed the witch. He took Alaine to orphanage because he couldn’t stand her. She was so strong at her age. He thought she’ll be safe inside an Catholic Orphanage but well as we all know…he’s wrong.”

Why you adopted her?”

We need a kid to accompany us since our biological kid live too far to come every day.”

Yes. And?”

“…and Taylor liked her. Don’t know why. I wouldn’t take her because I felt something wrong about her.”

But she adopted her.”

Yeah. And…I saw Alaine read about witchcraft and stuffs and suddenly I heard about something that make her immortal. A heart from a person who loves her so much. I went to Orphanage and found about her grandpa in Mexico. But when I told Taylor about this, Alaine overheard us and I knew she put a spell on me. Wehe the plane had something wrong I know I’ll die.”

So…what should I do Pops?”

Go to Mexico as fast as you can.”

How about Nana’s body?”

She’ll be just fine. Alaine needs a week before she can take the heart.”

Ryan nodded “Okay Pops.”


Morning Chels.”


Pops came to me last night.”

Chels frowned “What?”

He’s died already.” Ryan told Chels about what happened last night “I’ll go first thing tomorrow.”

I’ll come with you.”

Chels, it’s too dangerous.”

Take me with you, ry. That Alaine bitch owed me some revenge.”


Please Ry…”

Okay. I’ll go with you.”


They flew to Mexico. Rent a car and went to the Catholic Orphanage which the only one in Mexico. They got Alaine’s grandpa’s address and went there. They arrived at a big house in a b=corner of an elite housing.

You come or stay here?” asked Ryan to Chels.

I come.”

They got out from car and pressed the bell button. The door opened. A reallt old person stared at them confused.

What do you want?” asked the old man coldly.

Umm…we’re John Merriman’s grandchildren. My grandparents adopted Alaine.”


Ryan nodded “Well, the Catholic Orphanage said you’re her grandpa, Mr. Feston?!”

The old man paused then step back. Open the door wider and said “Come in.”


You have to help us.”

So he killed two people already?” said Mr. Festom. Ryan and Chels nodded fast “Well, I have those dried blood but…you have to burn them along with the house. That’s the only way. You can’t just burn her. The house already cursed and besides, you can’t catch her that easily.”

Okay then. Got it” Ryan nodded.

I don’t know why should her.”

Who’s that witch?”

Young man, if you force yourself to love someone you’ll end up like me. I thought I was saved because I don’t have any daughter. Just two sons.”

So you dated her then broke up with her?” asked Chels.

Mr. festoon nodded “I hurt her. Yeah. And she cursed. First girl from my generation will get claimed by her. I thought it just for my kids but no. It’s affects my grandkids too.”

Okay…but…you killed her.”

She killed my son!”


Blackmoon Manor.

Ryan and Chels went inside an toward to Nan’s room. Nana was still there. Lay on the bed. Breathless.

Let’s get out. So she can’t get burn.”

Chels nodded. And after Nana saved in the car. Chels called the coffin matter. Ryan went inside the house, looked for Alaine. No sign of her. A little box of dried blood save in his pocket. Chels followed Ryan.

Ry, tomorrow the coffin is ready.”

Ryan nodded “No sign of her.”

Well, we can just wait for now.”

Ryan and Chels fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Suddenly Chels heard something break. She woke up and woke Ryan.

Ry, I think I heard something.”

Hmm?. What?”

I heard something…breaks. It could be her.”

So, she’s now fragile too?”

Chels was about to swear to Ryan for acted so silly in that kind of situation until….PRAAANG!!!

You hear now?”

Ryan paused and nodded “Okay. Come on.”

They went to the kitchen but nobody was there. They went to the backyard and all of sudden Chels got pulled to the sky and fell down so hard.


Chels!” Ryan ran to Chels but Alaine appeared in front him. Her face looked so evil.

Where’s Taylor?” asked her with her evily hiss.

Ryan stared at her with hate and then Ryan smirked “Funny. A powerful withc like you don’t know where the victim hide.”

She’s dead and you hide her.”

Ryan scoffed “What makes you so sure huh? How?”

Alaine got angry and electrocuted Ryan. Ryan got pushed back and hit the rocking chair

No! RYAAAAN!!!” Chels screamed.

Alaine walked closer to Ryan “Tell me where’s she!”

I don’t know!”

LIAR!” Alaine electrocuted Ryan again. Chels screamed again.”Just tell me!”

I-don’t-know! Who knows she went to Mexico to looked for your parents or….granparents!”

What? How do you know that?”

Ryan took the wooden box from his pocket carefully “I know all about you.”

Actually we know.” Said Chels.

Alaine turned to Chels. Chels got up slowly and Ryan threw some dried blood to Alaine.

NO!” She got weak and dropped down. Chels ran to Ryan. Helped Ryan up.

Come on! Let’s get out from here!”

Ryan got up and they ran to the front door and…

FUCK! It’s locked!”

Move over. I can work on it.” Chels pulled out a hair pick from her hair and work on it while Alaine got her power back and she came toward them. Slowly but sure.

Ryan looked from Alaine tu Chels then to Alaine “Cnan you get any faster? She’s coming!”

I’m working on it!”


Shut up and let me concentrate!”

HAHAHAHAHA! YOU CAN’T GO ANYWHERE!” said Alaine with her evily laugh.

Ryan lose hope “Chels…”

Got it!” Chels opened the door and pulled Ryan with her.

They went out. Chels held the door closed and Ryan poured all the dried blood in front of the door.

Run to car Chels and start the engine!” Ryan tossed the car key to Chels “I’m gonna burn this house.”

Chels catched the car key and nodded. Chels ran to the car and start the engine while Ryan took his lighter, light it and threw it to the dried blood. The blood got burned very fast and in a second the house were on big red fire. Ryan ran fast to the car and got in. Chels drove the car off just in time when the house explode.



John and Taylor Merriman’s Funeral.

They just put a gravestone for John besides Taylor to remember him too. Mr and Mrs Merriman was so shocked after they got home from their second honeymoon in Miami. The funeral was over. Everybody walked away. Chels still stared at the gravestones. Jason came beside her and put his arm around Chels. Chels rested her head on Jason’s shoulder.

Hey Chels. Come on. Are you okay?” Jason stroked Chels’s hair.

Chels sighed heavily and looked up at Jason. Smiled weakly “I’m alright. Let’s go.”

Jason and walked to Ryan’s car. Ryan and Cassie already got in. Ryan started the engine and they drove off.

I never imagine lose my grandparents like this.” Said Ryan while driving.

But you made it Ryan. You two made it. You killed that evil bitch Alaine.” Said Cassie.

Chels looked at Cass and smile cynically “That goddamn fucking witch will RID…in hell.”

RID?” Jason looked at Chels.

Rest In Disaster.”

They all let out a small laughed.


Someone stood in front of John and Taylor Merriman’s grave. Dressed in long black gown with a big black hat. She smirked evily and said with a dangerous low voice.

So I’m a bitch and goddamn fucking witch huh?! You’ll see.”

She turned her head to Ryan’s car that got further as they left the Cemetery. She took a wooden box from her bag, made an Evil smirk and walked away from the grave. She smirked wider than before and she disappeared.