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Fame, Friends and Relationship (Part 1)

Fame, Friends and Relationship (Part 1)

Sunghyo woke up and froze when she found her boyfriend’s face was right on front of her face. Sungyeol just smiled

Morning Lee Sunghyo.”

Still in shocked mode, Sunghyo said “Thunder will be so freakin’ mad if…”

Sungyeol put his finger on Sunghyo’s lips “If what? He has to get used to this, and he will. Beside, you’re my fiance. Now, go get ready, I will take you out for breakfast.”

Wait…aren’t you busy?”

Sungyeol stood up “tonight is Infinite’s goodbye stage but I still wanna take you out. Ppali. or…” Sungyeol put an evil smirk “want me to bathe you?”

Sunghyo’s blushed and immd threw pilows at Sungyeol. Sungyeol laughed and catch the pillows, put them on Sunghyo’s bed.

At some Coffee Shop.

So, how’s work?” asked Sungyeol “you seem pretty busy these days well me too with Infinite. But I missed the time when we still have much free time.”

Well…yeah, you know being a designer isn’t simple and those times were our college years. We can’t stay that way all the time. I have my dream and you too. But look at the bright side…we still together.”

Yeah…” Sungyeol put a weak smile “I’m glad. I just…I wish I can have some peaceful time of our own.”

We having it now…”

Yes, but I’m not sure because anytime you’ll…”

Suddenly Sunghyo’s phone rang. Sunghyo look at the id “Oh my client. I have to answer this. Yoboseyo?” Sunghyo stood up and walked to the corner.

…get your phone ring by your clients.” Sungyeol continue his sentence earlier with mumbling.

Sunghyo’s sighed as Sungyeol’s car went away. Sunghyo touched the necklace on his neck. It was a engangement gift from Sungyeol. Sunghyo really miss Sungyeol but with their busy schedules and tons of works to get done, they need to bear with it. Sunghyo walked inside the store and one of the workers came to her.

You have a guest, Miss Park. I told her to wait in your room.”

oh thank you.”

Sunghyo’s walked in and saw a young adult sitting on sofa. That person turned to Sunghyo

Good morning to afternoon chica.”

Oh my God! Rin!”

The person that called Rin stood up and hug Sunghyo “Yeah…”

You’re back…for real?”

Well, I’m here. Flesh and blood.”

No, I mean…are you just gonna stay here for a while? How’s you and Woohyun? You two already being in long distance for 2 years.”

I know.” Rin smiled “That’s why I decided to move here. I talked to Woohyun, and he helped me looking for an apartment for us.”

Us? Wow wow wow you two will live together?”

Of course silly. We’re getting married.”

What? When? How? WOW! You just got back from America and suddenly you two will getting married?”

Well, we actually already engagged but since we were long distance we just keep it between us two. Mianhe..but even Infinite members don’t know about this.”

Hmm…good reason.” Sunghyo nodded and sat on the sofa beside Rin “So, what is your job.”

Model agency.” Rin smiled brightly “That’s why I’m here. Since you’re a fashion designer….”

Oh I know what you mean.”

My models are the best around you won’t regret.”

yeah I see. Oh tonight is the goodbye stage. Let’s go together.”

I was about to asked you hahaha we’re so connected.”

Always.” Sunghyo winked “2 years away from each other not enough to break our connection. Even forever.”

That night. After Infinite did the perfomance, Sunghyo and Rin went to the backstage and met the Infinite guys.

Baby…” Sungyeol hug Sunghyo and saw Rin “wow…Shin Sung Rin?”

Rin smiled “Annyeong…”


Suddenly Sungjong fell down and Woohyun rushed out

Hyung! Be careful!” Sungjong shouted.

RIN! Thought you will come next week?”

Rin chuckled “Surprise?”

So after the hugging sections, they all went to some restaurant and decided to do dinner together. The situations was fun and relax until Sunghyo’s phone kept ringing and beeping.

Baby, can you shut it off for a while? It’s already late at night…” said Sungyeol.

I can’t…i have lots of important stuffs that I can’t just let them.”

Give them to the supervisor for a while. You need rest chica.” said Rin.

I…” the phone rang again “Oh, I need to answer this.” and Sunghyo ran outside. All eyes at Sungyeol now. Sungyeol looked around.

What? I’m fine.” Sungyeol smiled and continue eat. Rin secretly took a glance at Sungyeol and saw Sungyeol’s face so gloomy. Rin sighed silently.

That night, Rin stay on Sunghyo’s house for a while until her apartment ready.


Yes Rin?” Sunghyo still focused on her ipad

Can you stop staring at that thing and have a chat with me please?”

Rin, I’m sorry but I need to settle this ASAP. You go talk, I’m listening.”

“Forget it. Suddenly I’m sleepy.” Rin cover herself with blanket.