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Only One (fanfic request : Lee Sungyeol and Park Sunghyo)

Only One (fanfic request : Lee Sungyeol and Park Sunghyo)

Sunghyo and Sungyeol are the most perfect couple in Chung-Ah University. No wonder, who doesn’t know Lee Sungyeol? He’s one of University’s dance group Infinite and Park Sunghyo is the head of Event organization in university. This couple never been in a fight well only small fights but that’s normal. They make up fast. Their life seems to be forever perfect until one day…


Sunghyo turned and saw her sunbae “Rae eonnie.” said Sunghyo with a smile.

Hey, are you free?”

Ne…why eonnie?”

Not with Sungyeol?”

He has practice today.”

Then come with me then.”


My place.”

Rae’s parents run a bakery shop and Rae’s spend most of the time on the shop, she even has a bedroom there and Sunghyo always there too everytime Rae need company.

So, what happen?” asked Sunghyo after they arrived at Rae’s place.

I like someone.”

Mwo? Jinjja? I thought you never wanna fall again, you said you wanna be single fighter?”

I don’t want but I automatically fall for him!!!”

Calm down…who is he?”

He…” Rae looked down then up, she look unconfident.


It’s Sungyeol’s friend.”



Sunghyo’s eyes widened, her jaw dropped “MyungSoo? Kim MyungSoo? L?”

Rae glared at Sunghyo “you don’t need to say all his name.”

Mianhe.” Sunghyo blinked “I was just surprised. I mean…MyungSoo?”

What’s with him?”

Nothing.” Sunghyo smiled quickly. Rae nodded.

Well, don’t say out okay?”

Morning baby.” Sungyeol kissed Sunghyo’s cheek.

Sunghyo turned to him and smiled “Morning too baby.”

Sungyeol sat beside Sunghyo “So how was yesterday? Since I can’t accompany you back home.” Sungyeol made a pouty face.

Sunghyo chuckled saw her boyfriend’s expression “Don’t pout. I was fine. I’m not a little girl. I was with Rae sunbae.”

Ahh…Rae? Kim Rae Hoon?”

Ne. You know her? I mean…you friend with her?”

Ani, but Myungsoo like her oops!” Sungyeol cover his mouth “Haish. Me and mouth. Don’t tell anybody okay?”

Sunghyo stared at Sungyeol “Jinjjayo?”

Sungyeol confused “Can we not talk about this?”

Sunghyo shrugged “Okay then.”

Your schedule full today?”

Only two class at 1pm and 4pm. You?”

I have no class today, hahaha. I just had morning practice at studio.”

Morning practice?”

Well…my morning practice actually. Practice alone to see how my moves.”

You always do great baby.” Sunghyo pinched Sungyeol’s nose

I’m hoooome!” Sunghyo close the front door and found her mom,dad,brother and sister at living room “Appa, Eomma annyeong!!!”

They just responded with a small nod. Sunghyo frowned and sit beside her mom.

What happen here? Did you just abducted by alien or what?”

Stop saying non-sense things.” said Dad. In deep flat voice tune.

Sunghyo felt offended “Mwoya. Appa, you know I’m always joke around…I nev-”

Sunghyo-ah.” said mom “It’s not a good time.”

What happen?”

Dara, the oldest suddenly hug Sunghyo tight. Which made, Sunghyo scared. Sunghyo look at her dad, mom and Thunder (her older brother) but they all look down, thunder only looked slighty at her then looked away.

Wh-what happen?” Sunghyo voice got tremble.


Tell me please!” many bad possibilities running aroung Sunghyo’s minda.

But still. Silent.

TELL ME NOW!!!”Sunghyo shouted and stood up. Dara almost fell because of that.

You’re going to get married…” said Dara finally in very small voice almost whispering.

What?” Sunghyo shocked until her voice turned into a whisper “I thought I heard Dara eonnie said…married?”

Dara nodded.

But…me and Sungyeol…”

You’re not gonna marry Sungyeol.” said Thunder.


Sunghyo…” said Dad

Sunghyo turned to her dad “ What do you mean?”


I’m dating Sungyeol!”


Wait, are you gonna force to mar…”


Sunghyo got shocked and closed her mouth ASAP

We have no choice and so are you. This person help me a lot and he pick you for his son.”

Are you…are you….selling me?”

Sunghyo!!! How could you talk like that to your appa?” said Mom. But Sunghyo just kept silent.

His son is better for you. He has future! Your boyfriend now has no future.”


He just a dancer!!! An amateur!!!”


This other person already has position in the company.”

But we still college students!”

He and hisfriends don’t have future!”


No buts young lady. End of conversations. Go to your room! Now!”

Urrrgggh!!! FINE!!!” Sunghyo ran to her room and slam the door closed and locked it.

Sungyeol sighed and tried to call again. Sungjung saw that and sat beside him

Hyung, what happen?”

Sunghyo. I really can’t reach her. Her phone is off.”

This morning I saw you and her together.”

That’s why I’m confused. I wanna ask her to go out tonight but…” Sungyeol shrugged.

Maybe she’s with her friends and her phone died.”

Still, she can text me using her friend’s phone. It’s just…she never like this before.” Sungyeol messed his hair “Now I’m super worried.”

Hyung, calm down…maybe she’s forgot…”


Sungjong shocked and took a few step further from Sungyeol

Ani…I mean…maybe…haish, I better shut up.” Sungjong walkaway.

Sunghyo woke up. She lied on her bed, still on her college outfit. She tried to focused her sight but fail.

‘What’s wrong with my eyes?’ she think. Then she slowly walked and saw her eyes were totally swollen because she were crrying non-stop until fall asleep. Sunghyo sighed.

Great. Now I have frog eyes.” Sunghyo looked at the clock. 10Pm. Wow. Sunghyo washed her face, change to pajama then she heard knowcking sound from her window. She shivered ‘Who the hell knocking my window at times like this?’ Sunghyo walked to her window and peek from the curtain, in a second her eyes got widen and she open the curtain and the window and whispered

What are you doing? Are you crazy or what?”

I can’t reach you, I’m worried that;s why I”m doing this.”

But it 10pm for God sake, what if police see you?”

I just wanna make sure you okay.”

I’m okay…I just too tired…accompany Rae eonnie shopping.”

And your phone…”

Damn…I forgot to charge it. I just woke up…but I’m okay baby.” Sunghyo smiled a little.”

Okay then…come closer.”

Sunghyo slowly got closer and tried her best to hide her eyes though it was dark. Sungyeol kissed her lips softly and whispered

Goodnight baby. I love you. See you tomorrow.” Sungyeol smiled and tap Sunghyo’s cheek than he walkaway.

Sunghyo just stay stiil. After few seconds, she shut the window close and close the curtain. She threw herself on the bed and started to cry again. How could her parents do this to her?

The next day, Sunghyo met Sungyeol.

What happen to your eyes? Who hurt you? Don’t try to lie…I know you, you just cried a lot.”

I…I don’t know what are you talking about.” Sunghyo turned and walkaway but Sungyeol faster. He blocked Sunghyo’s way and grab both of Sunghyo’s arms.

What happen?”

Nothing happen.” Sunghyo looked away.

You lie.”

I’m not.”

Then why you don’t wanna look at me?”

Please…” Sunghyo looked down and spoke in thin voice “…if you don’t wanna see me cry again, you better let me go.”

Sungyeol shocked. Slowly he let go his hands off Sunghyo’s arms “Wh-what do you mean?” his voice trembled “Let…let you go? You’re not serious right baby? You just put a prank on me right?” Sungyeol forced a smile.

Sunghyo just keep silent and still looked down. Sungyeol’s smile gone and he just stand still while Sunghyo ran passed him, tried to hold the tears that already flooded her swollen eyes.

Dara hug Sunghyo tight. They were on the living room.

Sunghyo-ah, I don’t know what to do too now…”

Sungyeol now must be so down. I hurt him…”

Appa don’t wanna listen to us too.”


Thunder came “Sunghyo, someone wanna see you.”

Dara and Sunghyo looked up and saw Sungyeol beside Thunder. Thunder and Dara walked away and leave Sunghyo and Sungyeol alone. Sungyeol sat beside Sunghyo and grab Sunghyu’s hands tight.

Thunder just told me what happen…”

He did?”

ne .” Sungyeol nodded “And you know, I won’t giving you up.”

There’s notthing you can do.”

But I can figure something out.”

You know my father, Sungyeol.”

But we can get through this.”

There’s nothing we can do!”

There must be! I love you Sunghyo.”

I love you too but…”

Then fight with me.”

I did but there’s no use.”

Then I’ll make you mine, so no one can have you.” suddenly Sungyeol’s face turned evil. Sunghyo move further but Sungyeol grab her close and started kissing her hard.

Sunghyo pulled away “What are you do—”

You are mine.” he hissed and kissed Sunghyo more. His hands went down and lifted Sunghyo’s shirt up. Sunghyo started to cry, but she can’t do anything. Sungyeol too srtong and his lips kept pressing her lips hard. But suddenly.

You bastard!!!”

Sunghyo open her eyes and saw Sungyeol on the floor, with Thunder stood in front of him Sunghyo pulled down her shirt again and ran to Dara. Thunder’s face was so mad.

WHAT’S IN YOUR MIND HUH? Treated my dongsaeng like that???” Thunder kicked Sungyeol “get up and face me like a man!!!”

Thunder STOP!” said Dara “What if appa and eomma found out…”

They’re not here! And when they arrived, they’ll be so thankful to not letting Sunghyo keep dating this jerk!”

Sungyeol got up slowly but Thunder punched him in the face. Sungyeol fell down agaib. Blood came out from his mouth. Sunghyo coverred her face.

Tuhnder enough! He got his lesson! Enough!” said Dara again.

Thunder looked at Dara then glared at Sungyeol. He bent down and hissed to Sungyeol “ I got my eyes on you, bastard. Stay away from my dongsaeng.” Thunder about to punched him again but he held it and walkaway. Sungyeol got up.


Sunghyo cover her ears “Don’t talk to me.”

Dara just looked at Sungyeol in simphaty. Sungyeol sighed and walked out from the house.

Idiot.” said Hoya.

I was outta control. I really love her.”

But behave. Where was your brain huh?” Woohyun hit Sungyeol’s head.

Ouch! No need to hit me.”

You must thank me for that.”

But yo-”

Stop arguing.” said Sunggyu, the leader of their group “Sungyeol, I know what you feel but what you did to her was…it was crossed the line. If she turned to hate you, you have to accept it.”


That’s the possibility only, she might forgive you too.”

AAAAAARGGGH!!!” Sungyeol walked out.

Where you go?” asked Sunggyu.

Anywhere. Nowhere. Whereever,”

Don’t forget to go back home.” said Woohyun and Sungyeol threw shoe at him.


Sunghyo sighed as Dara finished doing her hair. That day was the day Sunghyo will meet her ‘future husband’.

You really sure about this?” asked Dara.

Like I have another choice.” Sunghyo shrugged.

You’re so beautiful. Sungyeol should be the one that see you this pretty in your engagement party.”


Oh…nothing. Just I love how you and Sungyeol get along together. I know what he did was a mistake.”

I know…but that was shocking also. Thunder oppa really mad at him.”

yeah, well….he was trying to…”

Mom called them from downstairs

Let’s go.” said Dara. Sunghyo nodded and they went out.

That stupid boy. What was on his mind?” Sunggyu massage his forehead.

Thank God you were around…if not…” Woohyun looked down.

Aigoo hyung, don’t say that.” Sungjong walked around in circle.

Can you stop walking? I’m dizzy.” said Hoya.

Wow. What happen exactly? Well…Sungyeol was so down and sad. He kept doing mistake on practice and got in fight with Sunggyu then Sungyeol ran out, Sungjong was behind him and he got hit my a car. Sungjong quickly called the ambulance. Suddenly Rae came.

How’s Sungyeol?”

Still on ICU. Where’s Sunghyo?” asked Dongwoo.

Well, she’s meeting her future husband now.”

What the…”Myungsoo shocked “What future husband?”

Long story…”

Tell us…”

At the car. On the way back home.

He’s a nice guy.” said Dara.

That’s why I agree. I know it’s a good family.” said Dad. Mom smiled

Well, yeah, he’s not bad…” thunder looked slightly at Sunghyo who sat between Dara and thunder in the backseat. Sunghyo looked down. She was so gloomy. Thunder caressed Sunghyo’s hair and Dara pat Sunghyo’s hand. Sunghyo held her will to cry.

Where you take me?”

Shut up.” Rae drive the car faster and go into hospital.

Hospital? Who’s sick?”

But Rae still silent. Rae parked the car and they went in. They stop in fron of one room. Rae open the door.

Go in.”

No. Tell me who’s in there.”

Rae rolled her eyes and pushed Sunghyo in. Sunghyo got pushed and slowly walked to the bed. Sunghyo gasped.

Sungyeol?” her tears came out when she saw his left hand and his left leg broke “Sungyeol…” She caress his face and saw his head was wounded also.

Sungyeol frowned and open his eyes slowly “Sunghyo? Am I in heaven already?”

Baby…it’s me…”

Sunghyo? Park Sunghyo?” Sungyeol reached out his hand to touch Sunghyo. Sunghyo take his hand and put it on her face “Why you crying baby?”

What…What happen to you?”

Hmm? I don’t know either…The last thing I know, I was in the street and a car ran fast at me.” Sungyeol chuckled made Sunghyo more sad.

Baby…why? Are you crazy?”

I’m just crazy about you and you make me more crazy because you leaving me.”


You’re not my baby girl anymore.” Sungyeol caressed Sunghyo’s face while put a sad smile.

I…I don’t know what to say…”

You were seeing your future husband that day it happen.” said Rae “L called me to come with you but I came alone…”

you told them?”

Rae nodded “Mianhe.”

And…wait, wait…L…called you? Huh?”

Rae looked away. Blushed lightly.

Oh no…you’re not…”

We’re closer than before…just that. Trust me.”

Sunghyo smirked “Oh dear, He’s younger than you.”

I know >.< yah!”

Sunghyo laugh softly “It’s okay. He’s a good guy I think?”

He is.” Rae smiled and nod.

So everyday, after classes, Sunghyo always visiting Sungyeol. Well he seemed get better. Until one day, when Sunghyo about to go back home, Sunghyo saw Infinite boys talked with the doctor. Sunghyo came closer and listen to them.

We have to do the surgery to fix the bone on his leg or he can’t dance even walked anymore.” said Doctor “But well yeah, It’s just a little possibility the surgery will work.”

Do your best Doc…” said Sunggyu.

The damage not really serious but yeah, we will do our best.”

Sunghyo got weak, she fell on her feet and started to cry again.


Who said you can shout?”

It’s too fast appa!”

I know you still seeing that Sungyeol!!!!”

He’s my boyfriend!”

Not anymore!”

You can’t tell who I supposed to date appa!!!”

SHUT UP!!! You have to get engaged!!! No buts!!!!”

Where’s Sunghyo?” asked Sungjong when Infinite members visited Sungyeol.

It’s been 2 days she’s not here. I don’t know either…” said Sungyeol.

Maybe busy with college?” said Woohyun.

Sungyeol shrugged “Could be.”

So…when’s the surgery?” asked Myungsoo.

Tomorrow.” said Sungyeo gloomy “Damn. I’m so nervous.”

Hey, we’re all here Sungyeol-ah.” said Sunggyu, Put a small smile “Doctor said, it’s not a big damage so…the possibility to success is 80%.”

I’m worried also.” said Hoya.

Oh come on guys…have a faith, even a little. It’s our Sungyeol here.” said Dongwoo

1 hour before the surgery. Someon came in to Sungyeol’s room

What are you doing here hyung?”

I wanna tell you something. Because I have a feeling that you might know this person…”

Sunghyo been busy with the engagement preparation but she keeps worried about Sungyeol’s surgery. Why no one tell her when’s the surgery? Sunghyo got more depressed and depressed. Until the engagement day is came.

Sunghyo check her phone for the last time. So quite. Nothing. Even single text message. Sunghyo sighed and put her phone in her purse and she walked out to the ballroom to meet her future husband.

Here’s the future bride : Park Sunghyo.” announced the MC.

Sunghyo walked down the stairs with her gown. The people go “ooh” and “aah” well Sunghyo is pretty and so princess-ish that time. Sunghyo put a small smile and she saw her future husband at the end of the stairs but when Sunghyo reached the end and about to reach her future husband’s hand, the ballroom door got opened and 6 person got in. Sunghyo’s jaw dropped. No way, they were Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, Woohyun, Myungsoo and Sungjong.

Park Sunghyo.” said Sunggyu “We’re so sorry.”

Sunghyo got shocked “What?”

Sorry to ruin the event but the future bride just lost her ex-boyfriend. She has to see him for the last time.” announced Dongwoo.

WHAT? NOOOO!!!” Sunghyo fell on her feet. Dongwoo wen t to her and help her stand up.

Come with us.”

They got into a van and drive off. But then Dongwoo stopped the car at some store.

Eh? I thought we’re going to hospital?” asked Sunghyo.

Well, we need to buy some things here.” They all got out except Sunghyo. But then Sungjong grab her hand.

Come on Sunghyo…”


Hyungs gonna be long, help me picking apples.”

Apples? At these times?”

But Sungjong already dragged Sunghyo into the store and to the fruits section. While Sunghyon choosing apples. Sungjong sneaked out but Sunghyo’s not realized. Suddenly Sunghyo cried.

Sungyeol, Lee Sungyeol my baby…why? Why you leave me? I really love you.” said Sunghyo in thin voice while sobbing and suddenly somebody hugged her from behind and whispered something to her ear.

I love you too. That’s why I’m not gonna leave and let you engaged with my brother.”

Sunghyo got shocked “S-Sungyeol? I must be crazy. You’re…you’re…”

The boys just put a prank on you baby…” Sungyeol chuckled “The surgery success and I already got out from hospital a week ago.” Sungyeol tightened the hug but Sunghyo escaped and ran out.

Hyung! What are you doing there? After her!” Sungjong shouted.

Oh. Yeah.” Sungyeol ran after Sunghyon, grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms.

You guys really scared me! Not funny faking your death.” Sunghyo cried in relieve and embarassment and…he feelings were so mixed up that time.

Sssh baby baby…i’m sorry…hey hey look at me.” Sungyeol lifted Sunghyo’s chin “you’re so pretty, My princess. Don’t cry…it will ruin your look. I love you…no one can separate us.”

…but…your brother…?”

My family never know we’re dating and one day he came to me and have a feeling that he ever saw you somewhere with me. So, one hour before the surgery he came to me and asked about that. Well…after the surgery, I told the guys and they and my brother planned all this.”

But…what about your parents?”

My brother will take care of that. The thing is now, you’re officially mine. Forever.” Sungyeol kissed Sunghyo’s lips long and deep and Sunghyo responded that. The rest of the boys watching from a far.

Aww isn’t that cute?” said Sungjong.

Yeah, and I know you wanna do that too with your Rae noona, L.” Sunggyo smirked at Myungsoo.

Yah? What? A-Aniya…” Myungsoo looked away while blushing hard.

The rest of the boys laughed.

Well, Happy Ending for both of you : Lee Sungyeol and Park Sunghyo ^^ (even the nickname are similar LOL xD)

Hope you like it my ‘daughter’ : Dea Ladysia ^^ kekeke~