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0330:Part 02.Well,nothing goes as planned

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Next morning I had to get up early. The agency was a little far from where my dorm was,so manager Park told me he would pick at 7 o’clock,sharp. It was half past 7 and I was still waiting in the parking lot. Then I got a call.

“Yeoboseyo ?”

“Kathleen,miahne!”I heard manager Park’s voice. “I can’t come. Please take the bus. Again,miahn!”

Shock! What?!

“Jamkkan man-yo! I can’t go alone with the bus! I don’t know the rute!”I tried to plead, desperate that I was left alone.

But it was a little to late. Manager Park had already ended the call,letting me talk to myself. Now what?

“Gwaenchanh-ayo,Kathleen. You’re a big girl and you will manage somehow to get to the agency…”  But those were only words spoked to make me feel better. Ok,it was going to be ok! I was one step away from fulfilling my dream…or many kilometers…

Holding in one hand the thermos with hot coffee and in other the handphone with the GPS system activated, I started walking. The subway station was surprisingly really close, so I headed towards the underground railway, because it was a faster way to get to the agency. But before I started climbing down the stairs, a car’s horn made me look behind. There was a black van with open windows. I smiled, thinking to myself that it was probably a star’s car. And as I prepared to go on my way, someone grabbed my arm, dragging me after him.

“Wait a second! What are doing?!”I shouted after I recovered from the shock. “Who do you think you are?!”

No reaction. That guy was determined to get in that black van. What was wrong with him?… wait a second…was I kkkidnapped?! Before I knew it, I was already in the car, with the doors closed behind me. I was in deep trouble…

“Annyeong,Kathleen!”said someone right next to me.

I look at that person face for a full minute,without recognizing him. And then…


“That’s right.”he laught. “Sorry for scaring you. But AJ saw you walking to the railway station and we thought…”

I didn’t let him finish his sentence and I hugged him with tears in my eyes. One second later,realizing what I was doing,I retreated embarrassed.

“Miahn. But you really scared me! Dragging me here out of nowhere…”

“Oh,that!”he laught trying to hide his face. “It wasn’t me. He did it”he continued pointing that brownish red haired guy that was looking out the window.

Speechless. Again this ugly guy.

“Anyway,were are you going so early in the morning?”asked Kevin,trying to loosen up the atmosphere.

“Oh,that…to the agency. I must start my training.”

“Are you gonna be in a girl group?”

“Molla. For the time being I train alone. I really don’t know what will I do in the future.”

“Anyway,whatever you’ll be doing,we are still your sumbae”laught Eli oppa,looking straight at me.

I laught.

At the agency manager Park was waiting in the park lot.

“Thank you so much guys for bringing Kathleen here!”he said as soon as the car doors opened. “There was an unexpected meeting this morning and I couldn’t fench her. Sorry for bothering you!”

“Don’t mention it!”said Elison looking at my manager. “We could at least repay you for last night.”

After the discution,we parted ways. Manager Park and I entered the building,because I was going to meet the Boss.

“Kathleen,are you nervous?”


“’Cuz I am…”he whispered right before entering in an office.

I had to get used to the brightness of the room in just a few seconds,because not long after we entered a male voice asked:

“So she is our idol star to be?”

“Yes.”said my manager giving me a little push from behind.

“Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Kathleen!”

“Nice to meet you,Kathleen.”said the man smiling nicely to me. “ I’m Kim Min Ho,the top manager of this agency. Please,take a seat. So tell me,Kathleen,why do want to be am idol?”

“Because I always wanted to be closer to Alexander.”I said bluntly,shocking my manager. “Please,don’t get me wrong! I’m a huge fan of his and I love how he behaves with his fans. I wanted to be someone like him. To be able to bring tears of joy to someone that doesn’t even know you…”

After an hour and half we left the office. Manager Park was calling other managers to announce what orders gave him mister Kim Min Ho. I was speechless. Again. Starting that day,I was going to be a trainee. But not a normal one. I was going to train myself with the members of a well known band,sleep in the same dorm with them,attend the same events as them…and guess who they were? Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star…U-Kiss…


(Collaboration Fanfic : Kata and ChyNee) 0330 : Part 01. the Meeting

Incheon International Airport,2 a.m. Looks like I’ve made it. Here,I’m all alone. In a foreign country,with no friends or family…
“Kathleen?”asked someone.
There was a young man standing in front of me.
“I’m manager Park. Nice to meet you! stated the man bawing in front of me. I will be your manager from now on.”
“Oh! It’s a pleasure!”
“How was your flight?”he asked while leading the way out of the airport.
“It was reaaally…”
But I stopped. At some distance from us,a group formed by seven young men was waiting. They looked tired. Although they were wearing caps and scarfs,I could still recognize them. U-Kiss!
“Kathleen? So you saw them… it seems that they are waiting for their manager. Strange,he should have been here by now. Wait a minute please”,he said while going to the group.
“Annyeonghaseyo,manager Park,said Soohyun,the leader.What brings you here?”
“Hello,boys! Hasn’t your manager arrived yet?”
“No. And he doesn’t pick up his phone either,answerd Eli with a tired voice.”
“What to do? It’s already this late and you have a programme tomorrow as well… Well,it can’t be helped. I’ll give you a drive,concluded my manager,leaving me speechless.”
“Don’t mention it! This way.”
I was stuned. So,I have to ride the car with them?! Incredible!
I followed them slowly and silently,listening to their voices. It seemed like manger Park totally forgot about me,but it was ok. U-Kiss was more important than me,a trainee.
“Who are you?”asked Dongho,waking me up from my day-dreaming.
“Annyeonghaseyo! I’m Kathleen,a foreign trainee from NH Media.”
“Come,Kathleen,said manager Park. Get in the car. Boys,please don’t scare her. She is already very tired due to time difference.”
“Manager,it’s ok. I’m not that tired,”I said with a small voice while I was getting in the car.
The boys laught and talked all the way to their dorm. They were like a big family. So that was the feeling of being a member of a group. It felt nice.
I have to admit:I’m a fan of them,but I don’t know them all. I mean,I heard about Alexander and Kibum leaving the band,but I didn’t have time to research the name of the new members.
“Kathleen,have you listen to our new album?”asked Eli oppa,lening his head on the driver seat.
“Yes,I have.”
“And how do you like it?”
“Hmmm…I don’t know what to say. I like it and I don’t like it.”
Silence. As usual,my sincere answers shocked the audience.
“Miahne! I didn’t want to upset you! All I wanted to say was that…”
“Are you a fan of Alexander?”asked one of them.
I looked at him. His hair had the colour of sunset,a brownish red and his skin was pale and clean. He was ugly. That was my first impression.
“Yes,I am”I replied proudly,looking into his eyes.
“I understand.”
What was that? That tension? His eyes were sparkling strange for a second,only to turn black afterwards.
15 minutes later we reached U-Kiss’s dorm.
“Well boys,we’re here.”said manager Park. “I will see you tomorrow.”
“Yes. Annyeonghaseyo!”said the boys in one voice.
I was to sleepy to say anything,but I remember clearly his face. He was looking straight at me,without shame,without mercy. He was judging me. But why? Why? Why? Why?
After I arrived at my dorm,I went straight to bed. And in my dreams,that brownish red-haird guy’s look appeared,giving me chills on my spine. Good thing I didn’t have to meet him again…or to stay in the same place as him.

Bingeul Bingeul (Part 5-end)

“Why Julie?” Kibum said in a very thin voice. He sounded so depressed and frustrated “I love you but even my presence can’t comfort you.”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Julie’s voice trembled but she forced herself to speak her mind out “You’re…you’re the one to b-blame. What…what have you d-done? Wh-what have you done to me?” Tears started flowing from her eyes.

Kibum looked down “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I felt bad about your leg and I understand if you can’t forgive me because of th-“

Julie got confused and cut Kibum’s words “I didn’t talk about my leg. I talked about me and what you did everytime we’re alone.”

Kibum looked up slowly “What?”

“Everytime we’re alone I feel weird, I barely breathe, my heart beats faster than usual and I feel…kinda scared. That’s explain my cold hands.”

“I’m not sure but I’m gonna find out soon.”

“Soon? You don’t even kn-“

Kibum kissed Julie deep and gently. Julie surprised at first but then she automatically drown into the situation and she didn’t mind. She closed her eyes and respond the kiss. And suddenly all the weird feelings gone and replaced with some pleasant feelings that she couldn’t understand. Kibum pulled away and pushed his forehead against Julie’s. He gently stroked Julie’s cheek who was still closed her eyes. She didn’t want to open her eyes. If this just a dream or her fantasy, shw wouldn’t mind trapped forever in it. Kibum whispered to Julie as their forehead collide.

“I love you Julianne. I love you since…since I can remember and now I know that you feel the same. Told ya I’m gonna find out soon.”

Still closed her eyes, Julie asked very carefuly in a very thin voice “Is this…is this what they called…unexpected love?”

Kibum smiled.


[Extended Side Story]

“I love you Julianne. I love you since…since I can remember and now I know that you feel the same.”

Still closed her eyes, Julie asked very carefuly in a very thin voice “Is this…is this what they called…unexpected love?”

Kibum smiled and said in a whisper “Never heard about that all I know that…”


Kibum jumped away from Julie and Julie open her eyes quickly and they saw Kevin stared at them. He was so shocked.

“I-I can’t believe what I saw. Did I just…” Kevin shook his head “What are you two doing here? We’re looking for you two. Xander-hyung is worried like crazy.”

Kibum and Julie couldn’t speak anything. Julie rushed into the restaurant. Kevin looked at Kibum.

“You kissed her. You said you respect her. I can’t believe you anymore hyung.” Kevin shook his head and walked in.

Bingeul Bingeul (Part 4)

Well luckily Kibum recover faster than expected but not for Julie. Julie got fever and cough as well. So as Xander-Umma order, Julie had to bed rest until her fever gone.

“Xander…you killing me.”

“I’m saving your life you’re welcome.”

“You isolated me.”

Xander smirked “Not really. Someone will come here to see you.”

“Really? Who?”

“You’ll see.”


Xander opened the door and blinked.

“I thought…”

“This noona stealer came after me. I got here first.” Said Eli glared at Kibum.

“Who’s noona stealer? You’re the one who made her cry.” Said Kibum.

“You’re the one who hu-“

“Whoaa! What’s with you two. You two are friends. Stop fighting over my sister! I know both of you like Julianne bu-“

“What? He likes her?” Eli and Kibum said in unison and pointed at each other.

Xander rolled his eyes “I give up. Just go. She’s in her room.”

“Me first. You don’t even appreciate her apology.” Kibum pushed Eli slighty and walked to Julie’s room followed by Eli who were mumbling something.


Kibum open the door and smiled

“Hey Julie…”

“Hey…” Julie lifted her face and when she saw Kibum. She felt something bad again in her stomach “…Kibum.”

“How do y-“

“Noona, are you okay?” said Eli all of sudden. He appeared behind Kibum and rushed into Julie’s bed.

“What are you doing here?” Julie looked at Xander who was standing by the door “ I thought you said SOMEONE will come.”

“I know. I thought that too.” Xander shrugged.

“Noona, mianhe. Jeongmal mianhe.” Said Eli. His face was so gloomy and guilty “Please forgive me noona.”

Julie got confused. She didn’t know what to do. There was Kibum stared at her and Eli. Xander too.

“D-Do you mean it?” asked Julie in a little voice carefully.

“Ne.” Eli nodded and stared deep into Julie’s eyes.

Julie bit her lip and nodded “Okay then. Apology accepted.”

“Geurae? You don’t seem so sure.”

“It’s because…it’s…” Julie felt so confused and finally she couldn’t take it and yelled “Kibum you distract me!”

Kibum shocked. So did Xander and Eli. Julie got shocked as well. She covered her mouth quickly. Awkward silences filled the room.

“Wh-what did I do?” asked Kibum slowly.

Julie still covered her mouth and stared at kibum in apologize. She shook her head.

“I don’t understand Julie.” Kibum walked slowly to Julie. Sat on her bed in front of her and took both of her hands off her mouth carefully “What did I do?”

Julie just stared at Kibum. She couldn’t say anything.

“Ehm.” All of sudden Xander cleared his throat too loudly and three heads turned to him. Xander grinned innocently “Eli…can you come here please? There’s something I wanna tell you.” Xander stared at Eli.

Eli looked slighty at Julie and Kibum “Ne.” And then he stood up and walked to Xander. And they both walked away.

Kibum stared at Julie again “Julie, if I did something wrong to you, well, other than got your leg injured just tell me. Jebal?”

Julie pushed all her strenght to talk normaly to Kibum “N-No. It’s…it’s just…everytime I see you I felt uncomfortable. I d-don’t know what to do…I…I…” Julie took a deep breath “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Kibum frowned slightly and tilted his head “since when?”

“De…Deanna’s party.” Julie looked down tried to manage her breath.

“Chop Chop!” suddenly Xander appeared again outta nowhere and clapped his hands twice “Time’s up. Julie needs to rest and you need to go Mr. Kim.”

“But hyung I-“

“No buts. You still need more rest too Kim Kibum. So you can do well this Saturday.”

“Okay hyung. But can I-“

“No buts.”


Kibum, Eli and the rest of U-KISS members spare some time to come to Xander’s house to see Julie, even Deanna came too a couple of times. And Julie finally can say to Eli in a normal way that she forgave him. Problem’s solved.


“Eli, just give up.” Said Kevin one day after they saw Julie.

“What do you mean?”

“She doesn’t like you that way.”

“Julie you mean? I knew it. But I can’t stop worrying about her.”

“You have too. It’s bad for her if you keep doing that. She will ended feeling so thankful to you and the only way to return all of caring and kindness is by being with you while her heart is belong to someone else. You want her to be with you but all her feeling is just pretending?’

“Ani.” Eli shook his head.

“Then stop worrying about her too much. I’m worried too but as friend.”

“Hey Kev, since then you’re an expert in this lovey dovey things? You don’t even have any girlfriend and ex-girlfriend.”

Kevin smiled proudly “I just know the right things.”

Eli laughed.


Julie is recovered. And her leg was getting better too. Way more better. She now can walk by herself but still she had to be very careful. U-KISS boys were gathered in Xander’s house again that evening.

“Wow, good to see you back to you feet barbie.” Said Soohyun.

“Ani. She’s not a barbie. She’s Julianne Lee Eusebio.” Said Kibum.

“Yeah, she’s my Barbie only.” Xander put his arm around Julie’s shoulder. Julie smiled a little.

Dongho chuckled “she’s no longer only yours Xander-hyung.”

“I know.” Xander smirked “but still. I’m forever her Oppa.”

Julie blushed. She didn’t even know why she blushed.

“Aww look you’re blushing Julie.” Said Kevin with all his aegyo.

“You like someone?” asked Kiseop directly. All eyes at him now.

“Wae? You like her too?” Xander said but then he closed his mouth. Now all eyes at Xander.

“’too’?” asked Kiseop curious.

“There’s someone likes Julie too among us?” asked Soohyun and studied everyone’s faces maybe he can find that person by did that.

“I like Julianne. Why?” said Kiseop again.

“MWO?” Kibum’s reaction is a little too loud but he quickly contol himself “Since when?”

“Since the first time I saw her. Oh come on who doesn’t like Julianne? She’s pretty and all that.” Said Kiseop.

Everybody groaned in unison.

“I thought you like her like her.” Said Dongho.

“Aniyo. I like her as friend but I admire her beauty.”

Julie smiled wide for the first time since a long time “Thank you Kiseoppie. I appreciate that. A lot.”

“Aww how cute.” Said Kevin non-sense again and his aegyo explode again.

“Kevin-hyung, can you stop ‘sharing’ your aegyo?” complained Dongho “Urgh, how come you become a hyung?”

“Ha. True. Our maknae is looked more mature than you.” Said Eli and everybody laughed.

But one person not really into laughing and Xander noticed that. It was Kibum. His thought were full of question mark : Who’s the person Julie likes? Is Kiseop really doesn’t like Julie that way? What if Julie likes Kiseop for real? What if they become couple? What if…what if…what if..

Xander whispered slowly into Julie’s ear “Hurry and make up your mind before you kill someone Julianne Lee Eusebio.”

“Huh?” Julie looked at Xander in confusion but Xander looked away.


It’s Saturday night. Julie peeked into U-KISS dressing room. Huh? Nobody? But it wasn’t their time to perform yet. ‘Maybe they rehearsing’ thought Julie. Julie walked in and sat on the sofa. She got bored because the room was so quiet and the tv shows who’s performing that time. She fell asleep.


Julie felt something touched her lips. Julie opened her eyes slowly.


Julie turned and saw Kibum sat beside her “Oh…” Julie rubbed her eyes. Still half asleep “Hey…where are the others?”


“Oh.” Julie felt weird. She felt confused and scared. She looked at Kibum but Kibum always looked at her. Julie felt so stupid and ridiculous. She started to bite her nails but Kibum took Julie hands gently.

“Mommy said it’s bad.” Kibum smiled and Julie felt more weird. Her face got hot. Julie looked away. Kibum frowned slightly “Gwenchana?”

“Mwo? N-Ne.”

“Geurae? Your hand is so cold.” Kibum looked so worried.


Kibum looked at the clock “Oh. I have to perform. I’ll see ya. Don’t do anything stupid okay?” Kibum gently ruffled Julie’s hair and walked out.


Julie watch U-KISS perfomance from the TV. Then she realized something. But she still can’t understand what Xander just ‘warned’ her.


U-KISS walked into the dressing room.

“Julie-ah. You’re here.” Said Kevin suddenly excited. Julie grinned.


“When you came?”

“I thought you with your friend at audience’s seats.” Asked Xander.

“Nah. I went here by myself. I took taxi.”

“MWO?” all seven boys said in unison.

“I never allowed you. I thought you with your friend.” Said Xander.

“I changed my mind.” Julie put an angelic smile toward Xander “Mianhae…”

“Aww I forgive you.” Said Kevin who’s very weak with everything sweet and cute “Xander-hyung, how can you not forgive this angelic face?” said Kevin with his aegyo.

Xander chuckled “Okay Okay. I forgive you. This is because Kevin’s doing his aegyo which I’ve had enough.”

Kibum felt sad. Julie looked ver bright and happy with other members-even Eli-but once she with Kibum alone. She became weird and uneasy. Kibum felt that Julie must be hate him well he was the only one who made Julie got hurt and maybe deep down in her heart, Julie still can’t forgive Kibum about that accident.


U-KISS and Julie had dinner in some pizza restaurant. Julie had fun but Kibum noticed that Julie always avoid eye contact with him. Then Julie went to the bathroom. Kibum couldn’t take it anymore, he went to the bathroom also. He waited outside girl’s bathroom and when Julie walked out. Kibum took her hand and dragged her out to the back pf the restaurant. Kibum pinned Julie against the wall and stared deep into Julie’s eyes. Julie’s face got pale and she couldn’t do anything. She felt her hands were all cold. She stared in terrified feeling at Kibum.

U-KISS Preview Debut -> BREAK TIME

Dear All KISS MEs and K-Popers all around the world,

I know that you’re all already know – especially KISS MEs– that U-KISS will release their new album this February and based on the interview with Uncle A at U-KISS will have a BALLAD song and of course that will be THE FIRST BALLAD SONG for U-KISS. Aren’t you excited? Because I’m over excited X)

Okay, so the point of my post is we know that U-KISS changed a lot. We can see they grow up along with their music. So I’m gonna post pictures from their first debut until their 4th Album : BREAK TIME

Debut Album : U-KISS – New Generation (Mini Album) (2008.09.03)

Yeah…they maybe Not Young but still they looked so cute here esp. Baby Dongho

Second Mini Album : U-KISS – Bring It Back 2 Old School (Single) (2009.02.03)

The Concept of this album is so FUN and COLOURFUL. I LIKE YOUKISS

Third Mini Album : U-KISS – Conti Ukiss (Mini Album) (2009.11.05)

They show their SEXY DARK SIDE and become mature esp. Baby Dongho and with the 7th member, Lee Kiseop (who can resist him?) U-KISS become more manly and darker. Seriously KISS MEs, Are They That Easy?

First Full Album : U-KISS – Only One (Album) (2010.02.03)

Their going more MATURE and going more DARKER but hey it’s good because KISS MEs can’t live Without YouKISS even their hotness make us go Bingeul Bingeul.

Fourth Mini Album : U-KISS – BREAK TIME (Mini Album) (2010.10.08)

U-KISS finally fully turn into MEN. Their music become so MATURE but still in catchy melodies. So what else can I say just SHUT UP !! and listen.

Sooo….that’s the preview of our boys. Their transformation ^^ if you wanna add your opinion about them…feel free to comment ^^ and let us all KISS MEs all around the world PROMISE to keep LOVING and SUPPPORTING OUR U-KISS no matter what.

But even though their music and their appearance are so mature now, they still our funny and crazy U-KISS that will stay forever in KISS MEs’s heart


So Much Love and Support,

KISS MEs All Around The World

Bingeul Bingeul (Part 2)

The following day, Julie woke up and she saw someone sat in front of her on the edge of her bed. Julie got up. Blinked and…

“Eli?” Julie gasped and pulled her blanket up to her neck “What are you doing here?”

“I’m gonna take you to therapist, I talked to Xander alr and he said yes,”

“Oh. Okay then. But Eli…uhh can you give me some privacy? I’m goona get ready…” Julie grinned.

Eli blushed a little and chuckled “Oh yeah, of course. Sorry. I was gonna wake you up but you woke up alr. Okay I’ll wait downstairs.” Eli smiled and walked out.

Julie and Eli just got back from the therapist. Now they are at the park near the therapist place.

“I hate this crutch.” Julie mumbled

“Let’s sit then…” said Eli and they sat on the bench near the fountain.

“I still can’t believe this…my leg…”

“But the doctor said. It’s not that bad. You can walk again in no time.” Eli smiled at Julie.

Julie smiled back “Ah yeah…” Julie sighed “Xander still mad at Kibum.”


Julie nodded “I don’t know why. I mean well it’s not that I’ll lose my leg but Xander act like I’m not gonna be able to walk again.”

“He must be so shocked. Well you know how is he. He loves you so much. He protects you.”

Julie frowned and bit her lip “Eli…”


“Am I…that barbie to all of you?”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“You, Xander…and other members call me Barbie.” Julie’s face became cloudy “I’m just a doll. That’s why I never get a boyfriend. Because I’m not even real to them!”

“Julie…calm do-“

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I never ask to be like this! I don’t want people scared at me because I look too perfect! I wanna trade all of this to be a normal girl!”


“You never know what it’s like to be me! You’re an idol! Everybody loves you! You never kn-“


“Shut up! Don’t try to stop me cause I don’t wa-“ Julie stopped because Eli kissed her lips all of sudden.

Eli pulled away and Julie stared at him in shocked “what…what…”

“Julie, I like you.”


“I know I call you Barbie too but I don’t see you as a living Barbie. I see you as a girl.”



Julie started to sob “You kissed me. You don’t respect me! I’m just a doll to you! Don’t lie! You kissed me because you want to not because you like me!” Julie grabbed her crutch and walked away as fast as her injured leg can take her.

Xander called everyone that he knows. It was raining so hard and Julie didn’t come home.

“What do you mean she’s not with you?” asked Xander to Eli over the phone.

“She was with me but then she got mad at me and left.”

“And why don’t you chase her?”


“What exactly you did to her Eli?” Xander’s voice tone became deep and scary.

“Xander-hyung I was…it was out of control…it was…”


“I…I kissed her.”

“WHAT? YOU…WHAT? You bastard! Why on earth did you do that idiot?”

“Like I said I was out of control.”

“Now where I can find her in this heacy rain?”

“I’m so sorry hyung, I’m gonna try find her.”

“Yeah. Like how?”

“I…I’m gonna try my best.” Eli hung the phone.

Xander started to think abot where Julie might went.

“Julie? Can you hear me?”

Julie frowned and she opened her eyes slowly. She saw someone.

“Ah finally you wake up.”


That person chuckled “Nah. I’m Hyungjun. Kibum is making you a drink. You’re in his room now”

“Oh. How…how did I get here?”

“I found you on the street and when I call you, you fell. So i brought you here. Where were you doing with that leg?”

“I…” and then the pictures of Eli kissed her flashed in Julie’s brain “I just…I was just walking around.”

And then Kibum walked in with a cup of tea and put it on to the table.

“Ah you’re awake.” Said Kibum. Smiled in relief.

“I shall go.” Hyung Joon smiled at Julie “Recover soon Barbie.” And he walked out. Kibum sat on the bed beside Julie.

“What were you doing out there Julie? I was shocked when hyung brought you in.”


“Don’t…don’t do that again okay Julie? Please?” said Kibum softly “I was so worried.”

“Geurae?” Julie looked slowly at Kibum. Kibum nodded.

“Your body was so sold. I thought…you…but hyung told me that you’re still breathing.”


“It’s hyung not me.”

Julie smiled a little “But you take care of me…”

“Ah. Here.” Kibum took the cup “drink this…so you can be warm.” Kibum gave the cup to Julie but Julie hands were shaking and can’t hold the cup “Ehh…here I help you.” Kibum help Julie drink the tea and suddenly Kibum’s cell rang. Kibum tooke his cell and read the caller i.d “Oh I’m so gonna die.”

“Is it Xander?”

Kibum nodded and answer the call “Yoboseyo…ne. Aniyo…Hyung found her on the street. Okay. Yeah. Arasso.” And then Kibum hung the cell.

“What did he say?” asked Julie.

“He asked about you. He’ll pick you up.”

“Ugh…Okay then.”

Xander’s Car.

“What was happened Julie?”


“Don’t act like that. You know what I mean.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”


“Xander…I need some privacy please? Stop tre—“

“What? I responsible for you! I always make sure you safe and sound. You’re welcome.”

“Even Hyung Joon – Oppa called me Barbie.” Julie murmured.

“Huh? What?”

“I’m your sister Xander,I’m not a Barbie.”

Xander stop the car and turned to Julie “Julie, what are you talking about?”

Julie bit her lip and started to cry.

Bingeul Bingeul (Part 1)

Julie rested her head on Xander’s chest. Still Crying. Julie just got broken heart for – well she lost count. Julie never survive in her love life. Xander, on the other hand is the lucky one. You can make two soccer team from his exes. The problem with Julie is so simple. She’s not confident with herself – which is weird – because she has this pretty face that looks like a Barbie. The second problem is she always fall with the wrong guy. And the last one is Julie just found out that her crush is a gay. Xander stroked Julie’s hair.


“Why I’m always get the bad luck?” asked Julie. Tried to manage her breath.

“Julie…there’s not it. You just haven’t find the right person yet. Believe me, there’s someone wating for you n the future.”

“It’s so easy for you. You’re the Casanova. You can easily get any girl you want.”

“Well its not my fault if I’m so charming.”

Julie groaned and stood up “Urgh! What kind of brother are you? Acting like that in front of your sister that just got her heart broken into pieces? I can’t believe you.” Said Julie. Pouted.

“Hahaha so sorry sister. Hey, I wanna tell you something…” Xander lowered his voice tune “Actually a member of my group kinda fancy you. He said you’re pretty like a Barbie.”

Julie roled her eyes and started to walk away “Very funny Xander. You got me.”

“Eli really fancy you.”

Julie stop her steps when she heard the name Eli. Julie knows every U-KISS member. Eli is the coolest one for Julie…his rap skill, his body shape, his face but Julie not liking Eli in ‘that way’. Julie turned to Xander to see if he just wanted to tease her. But no. Xander’s face was serious.


“I just wanna tell you that you’re not the bad luck person here. There’s people that do notice you and your beauty..”

“Thanks Xander.” Julie forced a small smile and walked out from the house.


Julie walked to the small forest near her housing. Julie always go there since 12 to refresh and calm herself. She even has her favorite tree there. Julie went to the tree and was in the middle of climbing the tree when somebody yelled at

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Whoaaa!” Julie lost her balance and fell to the ground “Ouch.”


Julie closed her eyes. Tried to resist the pain then a shadow covered her face. Julie open her eyes and saw Kibum face. Kibum is one of U-KISS member too.

“Oh it’s you Julie.”

“Who do you think?” asked Julie pouted.

“Since when you’re a monkey?” Kibum tilted his head and smiled.

Julie gave him a cynical smile “Very funny.” Julie tried to got up but. “O-ow.”

“what happen?” asked Kibum.

“I…I can’t feel my right leg…”

“What?” Kibum move to Julie’s right and touch her leg “Oh God Julie…I think your leg is broken.” Kibum stared at Julie in apologize.

Julie stared back at Kibum. Can’t believe but Kibum’s face is very serious. Julie broke into tears again.

“I’m sorry.” said Kibum “It’s my fault.”

“Screw that. Now my life is completely ruin”

“I’ll take you to hospital”

“No need. I can just call Xan…”

“NO!” shout Kibum so loud until the birds on the branches flew away (LOL)

“What’s with you?”

“No. Please don’t. Xander will kill me. Let’s get your leg fixed.” And without more words Kibum picked Julie up in his arms.

“Hey! Let me down”

“Not until we get in the hospital.”


Julie walked out from doctor’s room with a crutch on her right. Kibum got up and tried to help her but Julie refused him.

“I can walk by myself. Now just please take me home.”

“Ne.” Kibum nodded.


“What The Fuck?” Xander stared with angry face at Kibum when he open the door and found out Julie with a crutch and Kibum with guilty face.

“Move over Xander.” said Julie. Xander open the door wider so Julie can walk in and after that Xander closed the door behind him and hissed at Kibum.

“What did you do to my sister? And why she’s with you?”

“I met her in the small forest near here you know. She was climbing a tree when I called her and she fell down.”

Xander’s face got more scary “FELL DOWN? My sister fell down from a tree?”

“Err…not exactly. She was half way that time.”

“Not funny dongsaeng. You have a really serious problem with me.” Xander hissed at him and walked in and slammed the door right in front of Kibum’s face.


“I don’t wanna go! I just DON’T WANT!” Julie shouted from her room.

“You can’t Julie. It’s Deanna’s birthday. You can’t not come. You’re close with her.” Xander tried to open the door but Julie locked it “Julie, open the door…jebal.

Actually Julie was completely ready. Julie glared at her crutch. She cursed the crutch and finally Julie unlocked the door and back to her bed. She threw the crutch to the floor and randomly punched her right leg.

“Babo. Babo. Babo.” said Julie while punching her leg and her tears was flooded from her eyes.

Somebody open Julie’s door. Stepped in. Grabbed the crutch and kneeled in front of Julie and took Julie’s hand. Julie couldn’t see clearly because of her tears.

“Just go away Xander.”

“I’m not Xander.”

DEG. Julie noticed the voice. Julie blinked her eyes and saw Eli, smiling at her.

“Hello beautiful.”

“Eli?” Jule automaticly pulled her hand and tried to grab a tissue but because she was so surprise she dropped the tissue’s box. Eli chuckled when saw that, He took the box, pulled a piece and wiped off Julie’s tears on her face.

“Don’t cry beautiful. Look at your make up…it messed up.” Said Eli softly.


“Just calm yourself first Noona. Fix your make-up and then we can go okay? Xander and the boys already in downstair.”


Julie stod at the top of the stairs. Xander and Kibum saw her and was about to help her but Eli was faster. Eli helped Julie wlaked down the stairs.

“Thanks Eli.” Said Julie. Xander walked to Julie

“See? You still look pretty.” said Xander.

Julie just smiled and they went to Kevin’s house.


Woo’s resident.

Deanna greeted them.

“Julie…hey…what happen to you Chica?”

“Just a minor accident. No big.” Julie forced a smile as pure as she could. Xander tried his best not to stared coldly at Kibum who was stared at the floor to hid his guilty face.

“Aww…I’m sorry but don’t worry you’re still pretty. Just like a Barbie.” Deanna winked and helped Julie walked in “Just stay close with me okay?”

“Thanks Unnie…”


The party started.

“Julie, I have to meet my friend. Stay here okay? I won’t be long.”

“Oh it’s okay. Besides, I can’t go anywhere right?” Julie chuckled. Deanna gave her an apologizing smile and walked away. Julie leaned on her chair and looked around. Someone wlaked toward her and sit beside her.

“Noona…I’m so sorry. I never thought it will….”

Julie glanced slightly at Kibum and turned her face away ”It’s okay. And for the hundred times, I’m not your Noona. We’re at the same age. I’m even few months younger than you, Oppa.”

Kibum smiled a little “Does it means you forgive me?”

Julie turned her face quickly to Kibum and saw Kibum’s smile and she coulnd’t help her will to smile too “Okay, apology accepted.”

“Thanks.” Kibum smirked and all of sudden Julie’s smile gone because she felt something in her stomach.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah…I’m okay. Maybe I shouldn’t talk too much.”

“Well…think I gotta go. Xander is on his way here with Eli and Xander still can’t forgive me yet.” Kibum made a goofy smirked and walked away.

“Hey Noona…” Eli smiled.

“I saw him. What did he do?” Asked Xander suspiciously. And Julie knew who ‘him’ that Xander meant.

“He just apologize Xander.”

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Take care of my Barbie okay?” said Xander to Eli. Eli smiled and nodded. Eli sat beside Julie and stared at Julie’s leg.

“Ehh why you staring at my leg like that?” asked Julie felt uncomfortable.

“Is it better? You can feel your leg now?” asked Eli concerned.

“Umm…a little. Still can’t feel it sometimes but Xander will take me to a theraphist ASAP so I can learn to walk again.”

“Good.” Eli nodded and smiled “You need that. I bet Xander can’t see his little Barbie suffer like this.”

“Uhh…thanks.” Julie looked down and blushed a little heard that sentence from a handsome guy like Eli.

“Or if you want I can take you to therapist…” Eli smiled.

DEG. Julie thought she misheard. Julie smiled in confusion “Sorry but I thought I heard you say that you will…”

“…take you to therapist. Yeah, you hear me. But if you don’t want it’s okay with me.”

“Haha…thanks. I’d love to.”


Julie nodded “Yeah”