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0330:Part 03.Ready,steady,go!

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I don’t really remember how that day passed. I was in a daze,thinking about my future. How on earth was I supposed to live with 7 boys in the same dorm?! It was unacceptable even for an European like me…and still…I couldn’t refuse.

I waited for evening to come. Time passed sooo slowly that at one moment I thought that the clock was broken. But then,there I was,standing in front of their house,with my luggage prepared in the rack.

“Kathleen,I don’t know for sure how will the boys accept this. So don’t get mad if they protest from the start. They will grow to accept it since is boss’s order.”

I heard him,but I couldn’t give him any answer since my voice was treathing with trembling.

“Let’s ring the door bell.”

The sound made me even more nervous. And then AJ’s face appeared on the intercom’s screen.

Manager Park! A second please!”

The heavy door opened with a metallic sound. I followed my manager without a word, praying for not being rejected from the beginning.

“Annyeonghaseyo! What brings you here, manager Park?”asked leader Soohyun.

“Didn’t your manager call?”

“Ani. Did something happened?”asked Eli coming out from a room.

“Well…hmmm…how should I put this?”

I could clearly see that my manager was in trouble. Being a shy person, he found difficult to explain that I was going to live with them. So I spoke:

“I will be living with you from now on.”

Stunned. Shocked. Speechless. All of them were looking at me like I was a crazy lady.

“What a joke!laught Dongho, breaking the silence. How could a girl live with us? With 7 boys?”

“Com’ on! It wasn’t a good joke!”said Kevin.

“It’s not a joke, said my manager who was getting angry seeing how they were taking me as a fool. Manager Kim Min Ho said that Kathleen will be living with you guys in order to train herself to become an idol. She will be like your shadow, following you at every schedule!”

I could see their panic and their shock. There was no way that a girl like me could ever live with them! I became sad and therefore indifferent to what they were discussing.

“We understand. Kathleen, you’ll be spending the night here. I’m sorry,but we can not accept something like this without some good reason”said Soohyun with determination in his voice.

“I agree. But please don’t give me that crapy look, ’cuz it’s not my fault!”I replied with anger coming from my voice. “Manager Park, please leave my luggage in the car. I have what I need in these bag, so it’s not necessary to bring the other one in.”

“Ok. Boys, please be good to her. You will speak tomorrow with the boss, so don’t blame her for this idea, ok?”


And my manager left, closing the door behind him. And there I was, standing in front of 7 guys that were analyzing me from head to toe.

“Guys…guys…guys…we can not let her stand there,right? Kathleen,don’t take too seriously this impolite fellows, ’kay?”joked Kiseop while putting his arm on my shoulder. “How about eating something?”

“Hmmm…that would be nice…”I said with a small voice, trying to hide my stomach noise.

“Would you like some rice? Or noodles? Hahaha…I’m really sorry, but I don’t know what to give you since you’re a foreigner.”

“Hmm…some rice would be fine. Even if I’m a foreigner, I’m still a human being so your food couldn’t hurt me, right?”

“Right!”he agreed smiling back to me. “Here’s my laptop if you wanna check you mail or surf the net”he continued putting his black laptop on the table. “So you don’t get bored!”


He was really nice to me. Even if I was an intruder in their dorm, he was well mannered. I liked him!

“So you’re training to become a singer?”


“Cool! This would make me your sumbae, right?”he laught while preparing the meal. “It’s funny how other people come to Korea to become stars. It’s interesting how popular our country became…Guys, are you eating too?”

“Of course!”answered Eli oppa,who happened to be next the fridge. “Why wouldn’t we?”

“Well,I assumed…”

“Don’t get it wrong! We don’t like the idea of her staying with us in the same dorm as us, but we don’t have anything with her”he explained seriously.

“Elison Kim,you know I can head you. Why do you keep talking about me as if I’m not in the same room as you?”I asked coldly. “I don’t know what to think about you anymore! You said you are against the idea of me staying here and that you don’t hold a grudge against me, right? So why are you treating me like an invisible person?!”I asked with tears in my eyes.

Before hearing his answer I ran outside, with tears running down my face.

It was late. And I was outside, in an unknown place, with now cell phone or money for taxi fare. What to do?

“Babo! You left like that almost in the middle of the night! Babo, babo, babo! Now how do you go back to the dorm when you don’t even know the street name?!”I murmured, speaking to myself.

I was trembling. My jacket was at home and outside a cold wind began to blow. Just perfect! As if my evening wasn’t dark enough!

I continued wondering, trying to find my way back to the dorm. I owed an apology to the members. I couldn’t behave like that with them even if they were hurting my feelings. They were the one that got their feelings hurt in the first place, when manager Kim sent me to their place.

I started to cry. I was feeling guilty, I was hungry and cold. I was afraid of the dark and strange people soon began to wonder in the streets.

I was walking down the street when I encountered a group of 4 or 5 boys.

“Hello, missy! Where to?”asked one of them. “Why don’t you join us?”

I ignored him. This was the worst. It was my reward for what I’ve dome earlier, huh?

“Hey, beautiful! Slow down! Were are you going? Didn’t I ask you to join us?!”

His hand on my shoulder… Good God! I was in deep trouble! I was scared, but somehow I managed to run away from them. But they were following close behind. Now what to do?! I was cursing the moment that I walked out the door…

Suddenly, someone grabbed my hand, pulling me in the dark. I tried screaming, but that person covered my mouth saying:

“Shut up if you want to escape alive from this!”

I listened to him with my tears running down on my cheeks. With this happening…what kind of life could I have?!

“Don’t cry! said the one who was holding me. It’s alright! I won’t do you any harm. So please, calm down!”

I listen to his voice carefully, trying to figure out his intentions.

“I’ll let you go if you promise  not to scream,” he softly spoke close to my ear.

I nodded, accepting his condition. Somehow I felt that that person didn’t wish me any harm. Protective…

“You?!” I murmured, shocked.

“Annyeong,” he said smiling at me. “Stay still. They are still looking for you.”

“Let me go! I don’t need your help…”

“Shhh! Stupid girl! Do you want to be violated by those guys?! And why do you treat me like I’m some kind of smelly garbage?!”

This guy…!!! Holding me close to his chest and speaking to me in such a manner!!! His name…that was the moment that I remembered clearly his name…Hoon…

“I said LET ME GO!!!”


He pressed my face against his chest as the group was passing near the place were we were hiding.

“Kang, let it go. Who knows were she is now? Let’s go and have a drink!”

“Ya…you’re right. Let’s go, guys! The drinks are on me tonight!”

The group disappeared in the dark, leaving us in a storm of silence. But I didn’t realize the fact that those guys left. All I could feel was the warmth of Hoon’s chest. His beating heart under my fingers…his smell invading my senses…

“Yeoboseyo? Ah, AJ…yes. I found her. Right. We’ll be back in maximum half an hour. No. There’s no need to come. I know exactly were we are. Sure. See ya!”

Suddenly, I woke up to reality and struggled to escape his arms.

“Kathleen, that was AJ. All of them are searching desperately for you. Kiseop is alone in the center of the town looking for you. As for Kevin and Elison…I think they searched all around the neighborhood. Dongho stayed at home in case you return before us and Soohyun went to the agency to see if you went there. Everybody is looking for you,foolish kid. Next time don’t do foolish things like this.”

I glared at him, trembling from shock and cold.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”he asked touching my forehead to check if I had a fever.

“I’m cold…”

“Here, you can have my jacket.”

“No. You’ll catch a cold!”

“Shhh! Tonight, you’re more important than my health,” he said smiling while forcing me to wear his black jacket.

For Pete’s sake! Why was I feeling so strange?

We walked in silence for about half an hour until we reached the dorm. The other 6 were waiting impatiently in the front of the building. When they saw us approaching, they ran to us.

“Kathleen, are you ok?asked Soohyun with a worried voice.”

“Ya…are you? I’m really sorry for my behavior. Jeongmal mianhada!”said Eli oppa looking at me with his beautiful eyes.

At that moment I fell. My feet weren’t strong enough to sustain all the shock and the guilt. And the tears…my tears were expressing what words couldn’t.

“Everyone, I’m sorry! Jeongmal mianhada! It’s all my fault! If I hadn’t been so childish all this wouldn’t happen! You were right. A girl like me shouldn’t live with you guys. I’m sorry for even thinking that I could stay with you! Please overlook tonight’s episode!”I said taking a bow before them.

“Kathleen! How can you be like this?!” exploded Kiseop. “You were going to turn your back to us and leave, right? Why don’t you listen to us before you go?”

“What is there more to say?! I already know your opinion about all this crap! No need to hear it again…so goodbye!”

I turned around, prepared to walk away when I realized that I was still wearing Hoon’s jacket. Sighing, I took off the coat and returned it to it’s rightful owner.

“Thank you…for saving my life…for everything…”

Again, I was ready to leave, when Hoon grabbed my hand, pulling me after him into the building.

“Wha…?! Wwwhat are you doing?!”

The boys were following close behind. In less than 30 seconds we entered the dorm. Only there he released my hand.

“Now listen here, Kathleen! We discussed all this issue and we concluded that it will be fun having you around. We all agreed to you staying here with us. So, no going back now…”said Soohyun seriously.

“Wha…?! What are you saying? You would like me to stay with you…?”I asked amazed.

“We would  like that very much!”confirmed Kevin addressing me his angelic smile.

“Nononono! Don’t cry!” panicked Kiseop while giving me a brotherly hug. “Haven’t I told you that this guys are not so bad?” he said  softly in my ear.

I nodded, smiling shyly.

When Kiseop retreated himself, Hoon approached holding his jacket.

“Here. You can have it.” he said while putting it around my shoulders. “Welcome to U-Kiss’s dorm!” he softly murmured in my ear, making me causing me to turn red to the top of my ears.

I watched as they bobbed around me, trying to make me feel like home.

“We’ve got a problem.”suddenly said Dongho. “Where will Kathleen sleep? ‘Cuz I won’t give her my bed…”

“Dongho! Don’t speak like that! And nobody asked you to give her your bed!”said Kevin frowning. “But guys, he’s right.”

“We will somehow manage. Don’t worry!”said Elison smiling. “If it’s so troublesome, I’m willing to give up my bed.”

“No. It’s not necessary,”I said. “I can sleep here, on the sofa.”

“No, you can’t,”said AJ. “You have the same rights as us, since you’re a member of U-Kiss.”

“He’s right! I know!”said Kiseop. “How about we all sleep here? We’ll use the sleeping bags that we bought last month.”

“I’m ok. How about you guys?”asked Soohyun.

They all agreed and Elison left with AJ to bring in the sleeping bags from the garage. Even if I insisted to sleep on the floor, like them, they forced me to sleep on the couch.

“Goodnight,Kathleen!”they said in one voice before turning off the light.




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Bingeul Bingeul (Part 3)

Julie woke up the next day and saw the crutch that she really hate. Julie took the crutch and walked out from her room. She found Xander in the kitchen.

“Morning Julianne.” Xander smiled.

“Eh…morning Xander.” Julie smiled a bit. She kinda surprised to see Xander back to his senses.

Well, Xander was a very happy and crazy person until these past days. Then he turned grumpy and everything but now he’s back. Julie hope if this is just a dream, she wouldn’t wanna wake up but…if this is  a dream, her leg should be just fine so well it’s reality. Julie sat in the Dining chair and Xander sat in front of her.

“I talked to mom and dad last night. I know I’ve been a bad person these days. But it’s because I’m worried too much for you Julie.”

Julie smiled “I’m glad you back Xander. I missed the crazy and happy Xander.”

“Yeah.” Xander chuckled “I started worried since you have a lot of heartbreak cases but you always said that you’re fine which made me more worried and then your leg…”

“Doctor said it’ll be fine in no time Xander.” Julie smiled

“Really? Good then. Hey go change. We’re gonna have breakfast outside.”

“I know Julie and I’m not mad. I was mad because you were disappear but well…”

Julie looked down “I don’t like him, Xander. I mean…I don’t like him ‘that way’.”

“Geurae? I mean…he’s Eli.”

“Yeah, I know. The famous rapper of U-KISS. But, the thing is, I don’t feel anything to him. I feel comfortable,yeah,but that’s it. Not more.”

Xander smiled “You have someone else then?”

“Xander, that’s ridiculous.”

“Oh come on. Think logical. You like someone, that’s why you can’t like Eli who’s really care about you. You just don’t realize yet.”

“You’re so ridiculous.”

“Hahaha…well…let’s see.”

U-KISS rehearsal.

“You can’t wait outside. It’s raining.”

“Xander, I don’t know what to do when I meet Eli.”

“Just act normal. He’ll apologize. I know him okay?”

Julie gave her puppy dog eyes to Xander but Xander shaked his head.

“That face not working on me now. Come on.” Xander took Julie’s hand and walked inside the studio.

Julie groaned “I hate you Alexander Lee Eusebio.”

“Thank you. I love you too.” Xander smirked and kept walking.

In the studio. There already 6 of them there. Kibum saw then and walked immediately to them.

“Julie, you alright already?”

Suddenly Julie felt the feeling in her stomach that made her can’t smile “Uhh…yeah. I’m fine.” Julie avoid Kibum’s eyes and looking for Eli. He was the only that matter that time. Julie walked toward Eli while Kibum surprised with Julie’s weird act and got hurt. It looked so clearly from his face.

“Hyung…does she hate me?” asked kibum to Xander.

“Huh? As far as I know no. She’s just kinda worried about her and Eli.”

Kibum frowned “What happen between them?”

“Well…something. I don’t have the right to tell about this. You should ask Julie herself.” Xander shrugged.

Kibum stared at Julie who was talking with Eli in the corner of the studio. Xander studied kibum’s expression and he got something.

“Oh no Kibum.” Xander surprised by his own thought.

“Huh? Mwo?” Kibum turned his face quickly to Xander.

“You. You…”


“You like my sister. You like Julianne Lee Eusebio.”

“What are you talking about hyung. I don’t understand.” Kibum mumbled and turned his face away from Xander and walked away to do some warm up.

Xander smiled and chuckled. He shook his head “silly boy.”


“I thought you hate me.” Eli looked down in depression.

“Ani. I never hate you I ju-hey, look at me.”

Eli bit his lip. Still looked down.

“Hey, look at me.” Julie lifted up Eli’s chin “I don’t hate you and never will. I just went through hard times and what you did yesterday was…unexpected.”

“I was…out of control. I like you so much, noona. I can’t see you hurt like yesterday.”

Julie surprised with Eli’s answer then slowly she smiled “You care about me that much?”

“Now you’re gonna say I’m stupid.” Eli turned away.

“Thank you.”

Eli sighed “You’re welcome.”

Julie got so sad “Say that again when you really mean it.” Julie couldn’t hold her tears and she just ran away as fast as her legs could take her.

“What did you do to her?” asked Kevin “Go after her! Xander-hyung, do something!”

Eli shook his head “No need to.”

Kibum couldn’t help himself. He murmured “Oh shit.” And ran after Julie

“Eh…” Kevin confused “Kibum-hyung?”

“I always know.” Xander smiled “Let’s practice first.”

Julie sat under the tree near the building. She was wet of course. It was raining. She sobbed and suddenly she saw someone’s feet in front of her but she wouldn’t look up. That person kneeled down and put his umbrella between them.

“It’s useless. I’m soaked already.”

“At least you’re not getting more wet now.”

“Why you even bother ran after me?”

“I’m worried. You can get sick and your leg…” Kibum shook his head slowly “Now you promise me to take care of yourself. You can hurt yourself. Don’t you love yourself?”

“No need to. I’m just a Barbie. Once people done with me, they will leave me in the dusty corner.”

Kibum sighed “Forgive me for doing this but you can kill me later.” Slowly Kibum hug Julie “You’re more than just a girl with pretty face Julie. You’re smart, you’re strong. A Barbie will just whining about her injured leg but you? You stay strong and optimist. I know I was the one who make you like this but I didn’t mean too. I’m so sorry.” Kibum bit his lip, closed his eyes as his tears fell down and pulled away and he saw Julie stared at him in amazement “wh-what?”

Julie wiped Kibum’s tears off his face “Why you cry? You’re the one who comfort me and now you cry?”

Kibum smiled a little “I don’t know why these came out from my eyes.”

Julie chuckled “Thank you Kibum and…I’m not gonna kill you.”

Kibum felt so relieve “So, you wanna go back inside now? You’ll catch a cold if you stay here.”

“You too. You dropped your umbrella when you hug me.”

“Ah yeah.” Kibum blushed and took the umbrella “Come on.”

That night the boys came to Xander’s house and Kibum and Julie couldn’t stop sneezing.

“What were you two doing for God sake? Were you two playing under the rain?” asked Soohyun.

“We’re gonna have a perfomance this week hyung.” Said Dongho.

“Mianhe.” Said Julie “It was my fault. I was so childish.”

“Well it’s not all your fault noona.” Said Kevin and glared at Eli

“I’ll be fine guys. Really.” Said Kibum and he sneezed again.

“Stay away from me. I don’t wanna catch a cold too.” Said Kiseop and pushed Kibum away.

Kibum almost far but Julie grab his arm “Hey, be careful Kiseop.”

“Since when you two got so close?” asked Soohyun but Kibum and Julie just put an innocent faces while Xander smirked and pretended to focus on the TV show.

Bingeul Bingeul (Part 1)

Julie rested her head on Xander’s chest. Still Crying. Julie just got broken heart for – well she lost count. Julie never survive in her love life. Xander, on the other hand is the lucky one. You can make two soccer team from his exes. The problem with Julie is so simple. She’s not confident with herself – which is weird – because she has this pretty face that looks like a Barbie. The second problem is she always fall with the wrong guy. And the last one is Julie just found out that her crush is a gay. Xander stroked Julie’s hair.


“Why I’m always get the bad luck?” asked Julie. Tried to manage her breath.

“Julie…there’s not it. You just haven’t find the right person yet. Believe me, there’s someone wating for you n the future.”

“It’s so easy for you. You’re the Casanova. You can easily get any girl you want.”

“Well its not my fault if I’m so charming.”

Julie groaned and stood up “Urgh! What kind of brother are you? Acting like that in front of your sister that just got her heart broken into pieces? I can’t believe you.” Said Julie. Pouted.

“Hahaha so sorry sister. Hey, I wanna tell you something…” Xander lowered his voice tune “Actually a member of my group kinda fancy you. He said you’re pretty like a Barbie.”

Julie roled her eyes and started to walk away “Very funny Xander. You got me.”

“Eli really fancy you.”

Julie stop her steps when she heard the name Eli. Julie knows every U-KISS member. Eli is the coolest one for Julie…his rap skill, his body shape, his face but Julie not liking Eli in ‘that way’. Julie turned to Xander to see if he just wanted to tease her. But no. Xander’s face was serious.


“I just wanna tell you that you’re not the bad luck person here. There’s people that do notice you and your beauty..”

“Thanks Xander.” Julie forced a small smile and walked out from the house.


Julie walked to the small forest near her housing. Julie always go there since 12 to refresh and calm herself. She even has her favorite tree there. Julie went to the tree and was in the middle of climbing the tree when somebody yelled at

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Whoaaa!” Julie lost her balance and fell to the ground “Ouch.”


Julie closed her eyes. Tried to resist the pain then a shadow covered her face. Julie open her eyes and saw Kibum face. Kibum is one of U-KISS member too.

“Oh it’s you Julie.”

“Who do you think?” asked Julie pouted.

“Since when you’re a monkey?” Kibum tilted his head and smiled.

Julie gave him a cynical smile “Very funny.” Julie tried to got up but. “O-ow.”

“what happen?” asked Kibum.

“I…I can’t feel my right leg…”

“What?” Kibum move to Julie’s right and touch her leg “Oh God Julie…I think your leg is broken.” Kibum stared at Julie in apologize.

Julie stared back at Kibum. Can’t believe but Kibum’s face is very serious. Julie broke into tears again.

“I’m sorry.” said Kibum “It’s my fault.”

“Screw that. Now my life is completely ruin”

“I’ll take you to hospital”

“No need. I can just call Xan…”

“NO!” shout Kibum so loud until the birds on the branches flew away (LOL)

“What’s with you?”

“No. Please don’t. Xander will kill me. Let’s get your leg fixed.” And without more words Kibum picked Julie up in his arms.

“Hey! Let me down”

“Not until we get in the hospital.”


Julie walked out from doctor’s room with a crutch on her right. Kibum got up and tried to help her but Julie refused him.

“I can walk by myself. Now just please take me home.”

“Ne.” Kibum nodded.


“What The Fuck?” Xander stared with angry face at Kibum when he open the door and found out Julie with a crutch and Kibum with guilty face.

“Move over Xander.” said Julie. Xander open the door wider so Julie can walk in and after that Xander closed the door behind him and hissed at Kibum.

“What did you do to my sister? And why she’s with you?”

“I met her in the small forest near here you know. She was climbing a tree when I called her and she fell down.”

Xander’s face got more scary “FELL DOWN? My sister fell down from a tree?”

“Err…not exactly. She was half way that time.”

“Not funny dongsaeng. You have a really serious problem with me.” Xander hissed at him and walked in and slammed the door right in front of Kibum’s face.


“I don’t wanna go! I just DON’T WANT!” Julie shouted from her room.

“You can’t Julie. It’s Deanna’s birthday. You can’t not come. You’re close with her.” Xander tried to open the door but Julie locked it “Julie, open the door…jebal.

Actually Julie was completely ready. Julie glared at her crutch. She cursed the crutch and finally Julie unlocked the door and back to her bed. She threw the crutch to the floor and randomly punched her right leg.

“Babo. Babo. Babo.” said Julie while punching her leg and her tears was flooded from her eyes.

Somebody open Julie’s door. Stepped in. Grabbed the crutch and kneeled in front of Julie and took Julie’s hand. Julie couldn’t see clearly because of her tears.

“Just go away Xander.”

“I’m not Xander.”

DEG. Julie noticed the voice. Julie blinked her eyes and saw Eli, smiling at her.

“Hello beautiful.”

“Eli?” Jule automaticly pulled her hand and tried to grab a tissue but because she was so surprise she dropped the tissue’s box. Eli chuckled when saw that, He took the box, pulled a piece and wiped off Julie’s tears on her face.

“Don’t cry beautiful. Look at your make up…it messed up.” Said Eli softly.


“Just calm yourself first Noona. Fix your make-up and then we can go okay? Xander and the boys already in downstair.”


Julie stod at the top of the stairs. Xander and Kibum saw her and was about to help her but Eli was faster. Eli helped Julie wlaked down the stairs.

“Thanks Eli.” Said Julie. Xander walked to Julie

“See? You still look pretty.” said Xander.

Julie just smiled and they went to Kevin’s house.


Woo’s resident.

Deanna greeted them.

“Julie…hey…what happen to you Chica?”

“Just a minor accident. No big.” Julie forced a smile as pure as she could. Xander tried his best not to stared coldly at Kibum who was stared at the floor to hid his guilty face.

“Aww…I’m sorry but don’t worry you’re still pretty. Just like a Barbie.” Deanna winked and helped Julie walked in “Just stay close with me okay?”

“Thanks Unnie…”


The party started.

“Julie, I have to meet my friend. Stay here okay? I won’t be long.”

“Oh it’s okay. Besides, I can’t go anywhere right?” Julie chuckled. Deanna gave her an apologizing smile and walked away. Julie leaned on her chair and looked around. Someone wlaked toward her and sit beside her.

“Noona…I’m so sorry. I never thought it will….”

Julie glanced slightly at Kibum and turned her face away ”It’s okay. And for the hundred times, I’m not your Noona. We’re at the same age. I’m even few months younger than you, Oppa.”

Kibum smiled a little “Does it means you forgive me?”

Julie turned her face quickly to Kibum and saw Kibum’s smile and she coulnd’t help her will to smile too “Okay, apology accepted.”

“Thanks.” Kibum smirked and all of sudden Julie’s smile gone because she felt something in her stomach.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah…I’m okay. Maybe I shouldn’t talk too much.”

“Well…think I gotta go. Xander is on his way here with Eli and Xander still can’t forgive me yet.” Kibum made a goofy smirked and walked away.

“Hey Noona…” Eli smiled.

“I saw him. What did he do?” Asked Xander suspiciously. And Julie knew who ‘him’ that Xander meant.

“He just apologize Xander.”

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Take care of my Barbie okay?” said Xander to Eli. Eli smiled and nodded. Eli sat beside Julie and stared at Julie’s leg.

“Ehh why you staring at my leg like that?” asked Julie felt uncomfortable.

“Is it better? You can feel your leg now?” asked Eli concerned.

“Umm…a little. Still can’t feel it sometimes but Xander will take me to a theraphist ASAP so I can learn to walk again.”

“Good.” Eli nodded and smiled “You need that. I bet Xander can’t see his little Barbie suffer like this.”

“Uhh…thanks.” Julie looked down and blushed a little heard that sentence from a handsome guy like Eli.

“Or if you want I can take you to therapist…” Eli smiled.

DEG. Julie thought she misheard. Julie smiled in confusion “Sorry but I thought I heard you say that you will…”

“…take you to therapist. Yeah, you hear me. But if you don’t want it’s okay with me.”

“Haha…thanks. I’d love to.”


Julie nodded “Yeah”

Without You Lyrics By U-KISS

I’m so in love with this song since the first time I listen to it X)

Listen girl, what I’ve done to you, that was my mistake girl

I can’t live without you, yeah, please come back

I love you, baby

I miss you, baby

My life is incomplete

Without you, girl

Neoreul tteo ollimyeo sseonaeryeo gani norae

Ije nege dashi bulleo julsun eobgetjiman

Geudaeye songireul neukkyeo bonji orae

Oneulttara geudaega geuriwo

Bamsaewo heullin nae nunmuldo oh baby girl

Haruye handu beonsshik ni saenggage

Dashi dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Mae sungan hamkke hadeon niga tteonagal jul mollasseo

Neo ttaeme apa nan I want you, baby girl

Without you I’m lost, boo, niga geuriwo I miss you

Modu da jibeochi ugo dorawa jwo

Bamsaewo heullin nae nunmuldo oh baby girl

Haruye handu beonsshik ni saenggage

Dashi dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you, comeback girl

Without you, girl

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Ijeya arasseo niga naye jeonburan geol

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Neomudo geuriwo dashi naegero dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you, comeback girl

Without you, girl

English Translation

Listen girl, what I’ve done to you, that was my mistake girl

I can’t live without you, yeah, please come back

I love you, baby

I miss you, baby

My life is incomplete

Without you, girl

This song always makes me think of you

Even though I can’t sing it to you now

It’s been a long time since I last felt your touch

And now I miss you

The tears I cry every night, oh baby girl

I think of you every minute, every day

Please, come back to me once again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Every moment with you, I never though you’d leave

I’m hurting because of you, I want you baby girl

Without you I’m lost, boo, I miss you, I miss you

Forget everything and come, come back to me

The tears I cry every night, oh baby girl

I think of you every minute, every day

Please, come back to me once again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Now I know, you’re my everything

Oh, oh, oh, oh

I really miss you, come back to me again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

U-KISS : First Kiss Album Release

U-KISS will officially release their first Japan Album FIRST KISS on December 10th 2010 (Which is my birthday too!!! I’m so excited ^^)

First Kiss Album Cover