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Hello…just simply call me Chy. I’m a K-POPER and an ULTIMATE KISS ME. Yeah, I’m a BIG FAN of U-KISS and my bias is Kim Kibum. I also likes other K-POP Artists too but most is U-KISS. Well this blog maybe seems a bit dedicated to U-KISS but no. Mostly I’m gonna post my fanfics, songs and pictures of U-KISS. Also news (and don’t worry I’m gonna include the credit ^^) Well I don’t know what to say anymore so just…enjoy 🙂


The U-KISS Boys


About Hyper Princess

A fanfic writer, a song writer, a singer and a dancer. I'm also a Hello Kitty freak. I love everything about Hello Kitty. I'm a chocoholic and a STARBUCKS lover. I'm an ULTIMATE KISS ME. I LOVE Kim Kibum with all my heart. I also a hardcore VIP, BBC, Playgirlz and A . I love MUSIC-ALL KIND OF MUSIC. But I'm more into K-POP and Western. I don't care what people think about me. I am what I am and I keep supporting my idols whatever it takes. Love me or hate me but here's no between.

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