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Pretty Boy (Part 1)

I stared jealously at Onew-Hyung. Why he so lucky? He officially dating Jihae-Noona. Jihae-Noona is one of the female model of CLRIDE.n I secretly like her I never know that Onew-Hyung like her too and he’s fast. Okay, I maybe younger than her but I really curious. Did she even notice me as a boy? Not just a partner in some photoshoots. Well, here they are coming to me. I try my best to act normal and it’s hard to see that beautiful Noona already belong to someone else.


“Hey Tae…always look pretty as usual. Love your hair.” Said Jihae-Noona.


I froze. What did she just say? That’s why she doesn’t even fall on me. She sees at me as one of her girlfriend not a boy. Okay, many people call me cute, pretty and everything. I don’t mind, really. At least I’m not ugly but why her too?


I forced a smile “Uhh…yeah. Kamsahamnida.”

“We’re gonna go out. Is it okay for you to stay here?” asked Onew-Hyung.


Yeah, Onew-hyung is a good guy. He’s always take care of me. He doesn’t even know I like his girlfriend. I shouldn’t blame him. It’s not his fault if Jihae-Noona pick him.


“Jonghyun will be back a little late with Minho and key, well he’s shopping…and only God knows when he will come back.”

“I’m okay Hyung.” I smiled “I’m 17. I can take care of myself.”

“Okay. Stay safe okay? Call me if you need anything.”

“Bye Tae…” Rae-Noona smiled at then she walked out with Onew-Hyung.


The door bell woke me up. Whoa. I must be fell asleep. I looked at the clock 8pm and outside is raining. Maybe Key-Hyung? I walked to the door and open it then I saw a girl. She was all wet and she was crying. I know who she is. She’s my schoolmate. Well, one of the popular girls.


“Ichigo? What are you doing in here?”


She shivered and then she fell. I catch her before she hit the ground and I brought her in. I put her on the couch. I put a blanket on her and made her a cup of tea. I didn’t know what I should do so I just wiped her face with a small towel and waited until she awake. And few minutes later, she frowned and open her eyes slowly.


“Thank God you’re awake. I thought you were coma…” I immediately stop. Why I said silly stuffs like that? Babo Taemin.

“Where am I?” she asked weakly.

“Uhh…it’s me and my Hyungs apartment. You came here by yourself. All wet and you were crying…the next thing you faint.”

“I…” she was trying to remember then she closed her eyes “Ahh yeah…I didn’t know where to go until I remember your apartment near here.”

“Uhh mwo? You know where I live?” I was so surprised and I regret for what I just said. Of course she knows. If not, she wouldn’t be here. That was a stupid question.

She chuckled “Of course I know…”


She tried to sit so I help her and I gave her a cup of tea.



She took it “Thanks.” She drank it

“So…what happen?”

“I broke up with Hyunji.” She looked down “I caught him cheating. I yelled at him and I was so confused…I didn’t know where to run…” then she paused “Oh sorry. I shouldn’t dump all these things on you.”

“It’s okay.” I nodded and gave her a comforting smile “But you have to go home. Well when one of my Hyung come, we’ll take you home.”


The door open and Key-Hyung walked in with lots of shopping bag.


“Hey Tae…look what I just fo…oh.” Key-Hyung stopped when he saw me and Ichigo “Oh sorry Tae…you didn’t say…”

“No. No. No.” I said quickly “It’s not like that. She’s my schoolmate. I helped her. She faint and…”


I turned to Ichigo and wow she stared at Key-Hyung in such an amazement. I can see it in her eyes. I felt so bad. My Hyungs are so charming. Girls see at them as boys but girls see at me as their ‘girl’ friend. Oh God. Why am I so pretty?


“Hyung can you help me take her home?”

“Of course.” Key-Hyung smiled “I’ll put these first okay?”


“So, she’s Japanese huh? Because her house looks so.” Said Key-Hyung while he drove back to our apartment.

“Uh…yeah. People said she half Japanese-half Korean.”

“People said?”

“Yeah, she’s very popular you know. That’s why I was so surprise to see her in front of our apartment. I mean…I’m invisible in school.”

“You’re in SHINee.”

“That doesn’t make any difference in my school Hyung.”



I just kept silent. I still remember the way Ichigo stared at Key-Hyung. A girl never stared at me like that.


“Tae, you okay?”


I walked into my classroom and the immature peoples started throwing papers and erasers at me. What’s their problem actually? I never do anything wrong to them. I just avoid all those things and sat on my desk.


“Hey Tae…look so pretty today but I you forgot to put conditioner to your hair.” Said one of the mean people and somebody poured milk to my hair.


I was so shocked and angry but I couldn’t do anything. I ran to the bathroom and started washing my hair and after a while I came out from the bathroom and I saw somebody waiting for me. It was Ichigo. When she saw me, she walked toward me. Her face is worried.


“You okay Taemin? I saw you ran out from class…what happen?”

“Just daily activity. Arrived, Got bullied, save myself.” I shrugged.

“Why you don’t stand against yourself Tae?”


I felt offended that time. I got mad.


“You never know what it’s like to be me, Miss Perfect. You know what? Because you’re too perfect.” I just left her there and that was my worst mistake.


I threw my bag to the sofa and it accidentally hit Jonghyun-Hyung.



“Hey! What’s your problem?” said Jonghyun-Hyung.

“I’m sorry Hyung. I didn’t mean to.” I sighed and sat beside him.

“What happen in school?”

“How do you know?”

“Don’t avoid the topic.”

“Same old story.”


Jonghyun-Hyung leaned back and stared at the ceiling.


“You have to do something for yourself Tae. You’re strong. Don’t be like this.”

“Hyung, I just don’t get it why they do those things to me? I never do anything wrong with them.”

“That’s the point dongsaeng.” Said Onew-Hyung that suddenlly stand in front of me and Jonghyun-Hyung.

“…and why is that?” I asked him.


Onew-Hyung walked toward me and kneeled in front of me.


“They’re jealous. And no. I’m not saying this because I’m your Hyung. I’m saying this because this is the fact. They jealous. You have something that they don’t. I ever been in high school Tae. I know. So, be confident and don’t let anyone torture you like this again okay?”


Me and Jonghyun-Hyung stared at our leader in amazement.


“Whoa.” Just that that came out from Jonghyun-Hyung’s mouth.

“Wow Hyung…”

Onew-Hyung smiled “I just do what I should do, Taemin. I’m the oldest here and I’m responsible for all of you.” Then he looked at Jonghyun-Hyung “Especially you.”

“Wh-Why me?”


Onew-hyung just smirked and walked away.


‘You have something that they don’t…’

And what’s that? Pretty face? Dance skills? Do I have to prove myself to know it? I’m so confused.


I arrived at Ichigo’s Saturday night party. My Hyungs forced me to go and show the people who Taemin really is. I never understand my Hyung’s way of thinking. And I didn’t know what possessed me, all I know next was I’m standing on the stage and the music started to play and I started dancing, popping and I enjoyed every second of it. And when I finished. All people stared at me in silence. I was so embarrassed but then one clapped then two then the room full with claps and cheers from all people. I slowly smiled, bow and walked down stage. I saw Ichigo walked to me but all of sudden some boys and girls surrounded me and took me with them. I didn’t saw Ichigo again that night.


I open my eyes and…


“WHOA!!!” I was surprised to saw four curios faces above me “What Hyung?”

“Tell us.” Said them in unison.


I was so scared that time. What happen to my Hyungs? I slowly got up and looked at them one by one.


“Okay. This is so stupid. He’ll never get it.” Said Key-Hyung.

“Yeah, Onew-Hyung’s way never work.” Said Jonghyun-Hyung.

“Hey, I just try to respect him!” said Onew-Hyung.

“Stop blaming each other.” Said Minho –Hyung.


And they started to argue. I still confused. I just watched them arguing but then Key-Hyung realized.


“Hey, we just make him more confused. So let’s just ask him.” Key turned at me “So?”

“So?” I asked.

Key-Hyung rolled his eyes “Last night, maknae. Last night. What happened last night at Ichigo’s Saturday night party?”

“Oh…ah…it was…”

“Yeeeessss???” The Hyungs said in unison again. They kinda funny and scary at the same time.

“Well…I dance…did the popping and everything. Well…let’s just say it works.” I smiled a little.

“Really? Like…really work?” asked Key-Hyung.

I nodded.

“Like…really really work?” asked Onew-Hyung now.

I nodded.

“Like…really really rea…”

“Stop it! That’s so unnecessary.” Jonghyun-Hyung cut Minho-Hyung.


(author : Let’s just fast forward it. So after that night. Nobody underestimate Taemin anymore. He has so many friends. He’s not invisible anymore. Even the bulliers apologized to him. Everybody loves Taemin and his popularity even beats Ichigo’s)



I turned and saw Ichigo. I smiled “Hey Ichigo.”

“I’m happy for you Taemin. Since that night…well…you should do that earlier.” Ichigo smiled.

“Yeah…thank you.”

“Hey, I wonder if you wanna come over tonight. Well I’m gonna make a cake and I need a tester.”

“Oh you want me to become the first?”

She chuckled “Yeah…”

“Okay, I’d love to.”


That Night at Ichigo’s House.

“Hey Tae…come in.” Ichigo smiled at me. She was so pretty.

“Thank you.” I walked in.


Ichigo walked to the kitchen and I followed her. Then she asked me to sit on the dining table seat. Ichigo cut a piece of her cake.


“It’s chocolate almond cake.” She said and took a sit beside me.


I took a bite and it was awesome. It delicious. I turned at her, she was starring at me. Oh God. She’s so pretty. I can’t resist her. I don’t know where did I get the will to kiss her but I suddenly remember Key and the way Ichigo stared at him that day. So I just stood up.


“The cake is good. Really. Thanks but…I have to go.”

“So fast?” Ichigo stood up too.

“I…I need to do my homework.” I made a very lame excuse. I couldn’t stay here much longer. It’s so hard to resist her.


Bingeul Bingeul (Part 1)

Julie rested her head on Xander’s chest. Still Crying. Julie just got broken heart for – well she lost count. Julie never survive in her love life. Xander, on the other hand is the lucky one. You can make two soccer team from his exes. The problem with Julie is so simple. She’s not confident with herself – which is weird – because she has this pretty face that looks like a Barbie. The second problem is she always fall with the wrong guy. And the last one is Julie just found out that her crush is a gay. Xander stroked Julie’s hair.


“Why I’m always get the bad luck?” asked Julie. Tried to manage her breath.

“Julie…there’s not it. You just haven’t find the right person yet. Believe me, there’s someone wating for you n the future.”

“It’s so easy for you. You’re the Casanova. You can easily get any girl you want.”

“Well its not my fault if I’m so charming.”

Julie groaned and stood up “Urgh! What kind of brother are you? Acting like that in front of your sister that just got her heart broken into pieces? I can’t believe you.” Said Julie. Pouted.

“Hahaha so sorry sister. Hey, I wanna tell you something…” Xander lowered his voice tune “Actually a member of my group kinda fancy you. He said you’re pretty like a Barbie.”

Julie roled her eyes and started to walk away “Very funny Xander. You got me.”

“Eli really fancy you.”

Julie stop her steps when she heard the name Eli. Julie knows every U-KISS member. Eli is the coolest one for Julie…his rap skill, his body shape, his face but Julie not liking Eli in ‘that way’. Julie turned to Xander to see if he just wanted to tease her. But no. Xander’s face was serious.


“I just wanna tell you that you’re not the bad luck person here. There’s people that do notice you and your beauty..”

“Thanks Xander.” Julie forced a small smile and walked out from the house.


Julie walked to the small forest near her housing. Julie always go there since 12 to refresh and calm herself. She even has her favorite tree there. Julie went to the tree and was in the middle of climbing the tree when somebody yelled at

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Whoaaa!” Julie lost her balance and fell to the ground “Ouch.”


Julie closed her eyes. Tried to resist the pain then a shadow covered her face. Julie open her eyes and saw Kibum face. Kibum is one of U-KISS member too.

“Oh it’s you Julie.”

“Who do you think?” asked Julie pouted.

“Since when you’re a monkey?” Kibum tilted his head and smiled.

Julie gave him a cynical smile “Very funny.” Julie tried to got up but. “O-ow.”

“what happen?” asked Kibum.

“I…I can’t feel my right leg…”

“What?” Kibum move to Julie’s right and touch her leg “Oh God Julie…I think your leg is broken.” Kibum stared at Julie in apologize.

Julie stared back at Kibum. Can’t believe but Kibum’s face is very serious. Julie broke into tears again.

“I’m sorry.” said Kibum “It’s my fault.”

“Screw that. Now my life is completely ruin”

“I’ll take you to hospital”

“No need. I can just call Xan…”

“NO!” shout Kibum so loud until the birds on the branches flew away (LOL)

“What’s with you?”

“No. Please don’t. Xander will kill me. Let’s get your leg fixed.” And without more words Kibum picked Julie up in his arms.

“Hey! Let me down”

“Not until we get in the hospital.”


Julie walked out from doctor’s room with a crutch on her right. Kibum got up and tried to help her but Julie refused him.

“I can walk by myself. Now just please take me home.”

“Ne.” Kibum nodded.


“What The Fuck?” Xander stared with angry face at Kibum when he open the door and found out Julie with a crutch and Kibum with guilty face.

“Move over Xander.” said Julie. Xander open the door wider so Julie can walk in and after that Xander closed the door behind him and hissed at Kibum.

“What did you do to my sister? And why she’s with you?”

“I met her in the small forest near here you know. She was climbing a tree when I called her and she fell down.”

Xander’s face got more scary “FELL DOWN? My sister fell down from a tree?”

“Err…not exactly. She was half way that time.”

“Not funny dongsaeng. You have a really serious problem with me.” Xander hissed at him and walked in and slammed the door right in front of Kibum’s face.


“I don’t wanna go! I just DON’T WANT!” Julie shouted from her room.

“You can’t Julie. It’s Deanna’s birthday. You can’t not come. You’re close with her.” Xander tried to open the door but Julie locked it “Julie, open the door…jebal.

Actually Julie was completely ready. Julie glared at her crutch. She cursed the crutch and finally Julie unlocked the door and back to her bed. She threw the crutch to the floor and randomly punched her right leg.

“Babo. Babo. Babo.” said Julie while punching her leg and her tears was flooded from her eyes.

Somebody open Julie’s door. Stepped in. Grabbed the crutch and kneeled in front of Julie and took Julie’s hand. Julie couldn’t see clearly because of her tears.

“Just go away Xander.”

“I’m not Xander.”

DEG. Julie noticed the voice. Julie blinked her eyes and saw Eli, smiling at her.

“Hello beautiful.”

“Eli?” Jule automaticly pulled her hand and tried to grab a tissue but because she was so surprise she dropped the tissue’s box. Eli chuckled when saw that, He took the box, pulled a piece and wiped off Julie’s tears on her face.

“Don’t cry beautiful. Look at your make up…it messed up.” Said Eli softly.


“Just calm yourself first Noona. Fix your make-up and then we can go okay? Xander and the boys already in downstair.”


Julie stod at the top of the stairs. Xander and Kibum saw her and was about to help her but Eli was faster. Eli helped Julie wlaked down the stairs.

“Thanks Eli.” Said Julie. Xander walked to Julie

“See? You still look pretty.” said Xander.

Julie just smiled and they went to Kevin’s house.


Woo’s resident.

Deanna greeted them.

“Julie…hey…what happen to you Chica?”

“Just a minor accident. No big.” Julie forced a smile as pure as she could. Xander tried his best not to stared coldly at Kibum who was stared at the floor to hid his guilty face.

“Aww…I’m sorry but don’t worry you’re still pretty. Just like a Barbie.” Deanna winked and helped Julie walked in “Just stay close with me okay?”

“Thanks Unnie…”


The party started.

“Julie, I have to meet my friend. Stay here okay? I won’t be long.”

“Oh it’s okay. Besides, I can’t go anywhere right?” Julie chuckled. Deanna gave her an apologizing smile and walked away. Julie leaned on her chair and looked around. Someone wlaked toward her and sit beside her.

“Noona…I’m so sorry. I never thought it will….”

Julie glanced slightly at Kibum and turned her face away ”It’s okay. And for the hundred times, I’m not your Noona. We’re at the same age. I’m even few months younger than you, Oppa.”

Kibum smiled a little “Does it means you forgive me?”

Julie turned her face quickly to Kibum and saw Kibum’s smile and she coulnd’t help her will to smile too “Okay, apology accepted.”

“Thanks.” Kibum smirked and all of sudden Julie’s smile gone because she felt something in her stomach.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah…I’m okay. Maybe I shouldn’t talk too much.”

“Well…think I gotta go. Xander is on his way here with Eli and Xander still can’t forgive me yet.” Kibum made a goofy smirked and walked away.

“Hey Noona…” Eli smiled.

“I saw him. What did he do?” Asked Xander suspiciously. And Julie knew who ‘him’ that Xander meant.

“He just apologize Xander.”

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Take care of my Barbie okay?” said Xander to Eli. Eli smiled and nodded. Eli sat beside Julie and stared at Julie’s leg.

“Ehh why you staring at my leg like that?” asked Julie felt uncomfortable.

“Is it better? You can feel your leg now?” asked Eli concerned.

“Umm…a little. Still can’t feel it sometimes but Xander will take me to a theraphist ASAP so I can learn to walk again.”

“Good.” Eli nodded and smiled “You need that. I bet Xander can’t see his little Barbie suffer like this.”

“Uhh…thanks.” Julie looked down and blushed a little heard that sentence from a handsome guy like Eli.

“Or if you want I can take you to therapist…” Eli smiled.

DEG. Julie thought she misheard. Julie smiled in confusion “Sorry but I thought I heard you say that you will…”

“…take you to therapist. Yeah, you hear me. But if you don’t want it’s okay with me.”

“Haha…thanks. I’d love to.”


Julie nodded “Yeah”

Without You Lyrics By U-KISS

I’m so in love with this song since the first time I listen to it X)

Listen girl, what I’ve done to you, that was my mistake girl

I can’t live without you, yeah, please come back

I love you, baby

I miss you, baby

My life is incomplete

Without you, girl

Neoreul tteo ollimyeo sseonaeryeo gani norae

Ije nege dashi bulleo julsun eobgetjiman

Geudaeye songireul neukkyeo bonji orae

Oneulttara geudaega geuriwo

Bamsaewo heullin nae nunmuldo oh baby girl

Haruye handu beonsshik ni saenggage

Dashi dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Mae sungan hamkke hadeon niga tteonagal jul mollasseo

Neo ttaeme apa nan I want you, baby girl

Without you I’m lost, boo, niga geuriwo I miss you

Modu da jibeochi ugo dorawa jwo

Bamsaewo heullin nae nunmuldo oh baby girl

Haruye handu beonsshik ni saenggage

Dashi dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you, comeback girl

Without you, girl

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Ijeya arasseo niga naye jeonburan geol

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Neomudo geuriwo dashi naegero dorawa jullae

Without you neomu bogo shipeunde

Without you nal yongseo haejullae

Without you neoman sarang haneunde

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, dorawa jwo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you, comeback girl

Without you, girl

English Translation

Listen girl, what I’ve done to you, that was my mistake girl

I can’t live without you, yeah, please come back

I love you, baby

I miss you, baby

My life is incomplete

Without you, girl

This song always makes me think of you

Even though I can’t sing it to you now

It’s been a long time since I last felt your touch

And now I miss you

The tears I cry every night, oh baby girl

I think of you every minute, every day

Please, come back to me once again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Every moment with you, I never though you’d leave

I’m hurting because of you, I want you baby girl

Without you I’m lost, boo, I miss you, I miss you

Forget everything and come, come back to me

The tears I cry every night, oh baby girl

I think of you every minute, every day

Please, come back to me once again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Now I know, you’re my everything

Oh, oh, oh, oh

I really miss you, come back to me again

Without you, I really miss you

Without you, please forgive me

Without you, you’re the only one I love

Can’t live without you

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, please come back

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want you to comeback girl

Without you, girl

Neorago (Part 2-end)

Neorago (Part 2-end)

I immediately turned my face. Avoiding his gaze

“I ‘m gonna get dressed.”

“Oh yeah, okay. I’m gonna wait outside “


(Woonie’s POV)

I walked out of Angel’s room and saw Teukie-hyung  in the kitchen.

“Hey what’s up?”

I look towards at Teukie-hyung “Mwo?”

“You’re a bad liar. I know you have a problem with Angel and it’s complicated. “

I walked toward him “Hyung, I don’t know what are you talking about.”

“You love her.”

I felt something hit my chest hard. I just keep quiet

“I can see that. Don’t bother lying. “


(Angel’s POV)

I’m out of my room and heard voices from the kitchen. It must be Woonie and Teukie-oppa. But once I entered the kitchen, they both immediately went silent. Weird.

“Hey, what happen?”

“Nothing.” Teukie-oppa smiled and immediately went out of the kitchen.

I felt I want to curse Teukie-oppa for left me alone with Woonie in this awkward circumstances. What kind of oppa he is. I immediately walked to the closet and pulled out a glass.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Uhh … anything.” Woonie said quietly and sat in the chair dining table.


I made hot chocolate because the weather outside is cold. I know. I could feel Woonie watching me. I was so nervous and accidentally bump the kettle of hot water.


Kettle fell, broken and poured hot water on my fingers when I tried to restrain it.

“Ouch!” I sat down on the floor holding my fingers that were starting to blister. I winced in pain.

“Angel!” Woonie ran towards me and knelt beside me. I was a little surprised. This is the first time he said my name and not Noona.

“I’m okay.” I immediately picked up fragments of pot with my blistered fingers, the fragments scraped my fingers and my fingers bleed directly.

“Hey what’s this?” Teukie-oppa ran into the kitchen.

I felt dizzy saw blood pouring out from my finger and  the next thing I know is darkness.


I opened my eyes and winced as direct sunlight entered through the open window. I raised my hand to cover my face and I saw my fingers are bandaged. After my eyes accustomed to the light, I looked around. I was in my room and then I saw a figure near the window. Not Woonie. The figure was smaller than Woonie. I just saw his back and the sunshine also made me not able to recognize him.

“Teukie – Oppa?” I said weakly.

The man turned. Took a long time for me to realized that this man was …


Donghae smiled and walked towards me “Morning Angel.”

I froze and pulled my blanket up to the neck.

“Teukie-hyung said you can’t practice today because of your blistered fingers and yeah, I’ve see your fingers.”

I looked at the end of my bed. I can’t look at him. Still can not move. Confused. Shocked. Can’t believe it. I thought Donghae realized my weirdness.

“I’m the same group with Teukie-hyung. We know each other so well.”

What? Damn Teukie-oppa. He never said anything about it.

“Teukie-hyung didn’t say that to you yeah?” Asked Donghae, chuckled.

I felt my face went all red then I nodded slowly.

“Well at least now you know it.”

Suddenly the door opened and Teukie-oppa’s head peered inside. I immediately glared irritably at him. Teukie-oppa just gave me his goofy grin.

“Hey, let’s get breakfast. You too Donghae. “And Teukie-oppa directly passed.

“You can go Oppa. I’ll catch up. “I said quietly. Donghae nodded and went out of my room. I got out of bed. Washing my face and walked down.


After breakfast me and Donghae chat in the living room. Teukie’ve gone for training.

“You don’t rehearsal?” I asked

Donghae looked at the clock on the wall “Yeah, I have class in 1 hour. You want me to go now? “He teased, smiling.

I blushed and smiled. Then the front door open and there was Woonie. His expression froze at the sight of Donghae.

“Oh.” That was all out from his mouth. He didn’t move from where he stood.

I stood up and walked over “Hey Woonie. Come in.”

“I just want to make sure you all right. But I think I’m late. Someone already make sure of it.” He glared slightly at Donghae.

I couldn’t say anything.

“Sorry for disturbing your time.” Woonie immediately walked away.

“Woonie!” I called but Woonie kept running away.


(Woonie’s POV)

I know for sure. I liked my Noona. No. I love her. Why do I just realized now? If I’d realized this sooner, I’m not going to lose her like this. I can’t accept this reality. I kept walking toward the building and meet my friends in the studio.

“Hey.” Said Yoseob-hyung. I just gave him a small nod.

“Why?” Asked him again. I can’t lie to him.

“I lost her.”

Yoseob frowned “Who?”

“My Noona.”


“Who else?” I got a little cranky. What’s wrong with him? He obviously knew I just have one Noona and she’s Angel.

“Sorry. What do you mean by losing her? She didn’t die right? “

I looked at him as if he already mad “Hyung, if she died, my reaction wouldn’t be like this.”

“Then spill, so I’m not confused.”

“I’m late. He already belonged to someone else. I late to realized that I loved her, Hyung. “

“Babo.” That’s all it says. I was so offended.

“Just that?”

“”I already know you love her. I already know from a long time.”

“You knew?”

“From the way you talk about her and stuffs. But I didn’t tell you because you will definitely deny it. “

Good point. I would definitely going to deny that I love Angel. So what now?


(Angel’s POV)

A month has passed. Me and Donghae – Oppa got closer. I was getting to love him more. But my relationship and Woonie practically got cold. Yeah, we were often greeted. He was always with me in the morning. But we were so awkward. We weren’t as intimate as usual.


I was jolted from my reverie. I was in the porch behind the house. Sat on the wicker chair, looking at the sky in the afternoon. Teukie-oppa sat next to me.

“Oh hey.” I said, looked at Teuki-oppa for a while then glanced at the sky again.

“”Your relationship with Donghae is getting so close.”

I smiled a little “Yeah … it is.”

“You don’t look so happy. I thought  you crazy about him. “

“Oppa, I love Donghae. But I’m worried about Woonie. He changed a lot lately. I can’t be fully happy if Woonie acting strange like this. “

“Just go talk to him then.”

“Easy for you to say. He never even looked at me again when talking to me. “

“Dongsaeng.” Teukie-oppa put his arm around me “He’s 3 years younger than you. You know that. Now go his home. Talk with him. He just can’t accept the fact that he must share you with others who are totally alien to him.”

I pondered the words Teukie-oppa just told and then smiled at him “Thank you Teukie – Oppa.” I kissed his cheek and ran towards to Woonie’s house.


KiKwang opened the door. I became confused and began to feel suspicious. Saw me stared suspiciously at him, He just smiled.

“Not as bad as you think, Noona. Come in. “

I went in and found Yoseob walked out from Woonie’s room. Yoseob’s face was cloudy but when he saw me, his face brightened with hope.

“Oh thank God you’re here Noona.”

“Eh, what happen? Where’s Woonie?”

“He’s in his room. It’s been two days he doesn’t go to college and to the studio. He doesn’t want to talk. Not willing to do anything. He just keep quiet in his room. Me and Kikwang-hyung tried various ways but … you see. Nothing Happens. “

I went straight to Woonie’s room. Woonie was on the corner of his room. Sat on the floor. His sight were empty. His face was pale and there were dark circles under his eyes. I immediately hugged him.

“Woonie, Oh God. What’s going on. “My tears flooded.

Woonie still silent. I looked at him.

“Woonie, it’s me. Angel. Your Noona. Remember? “

Woonie’s fingers moved slowly toward my face and traced my cheek “Are you real? Am I dreaming?”

I shook my head “I’m here Woonie. This is not a dream. “

“Noona!” Woonie immediately hugged me tight “Don’t go Noona. “

“What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m scared.”


After Woonie slightly subsided. I brought him a glass of water. Woonie lied on his bed. He drank the water and lay back down.

“Woonie, I’m not going anywhere. How could you think that? “

“Noona …” Woonie took my hand and held it “Sarangheyo.”

I felt sad. I can’t see him like this. But I must be strong.

“Woonie, I love you too. But not as you think. You are like my own brother. “


“I love Donghae. I really love him Woonie. “

“You don’t even know his feelings to you.” Said Woonie sarcastically.

“Indeed.” I smiled weakly “But I’m happy with this feeling, Woonie. Whatever happens between me and Donghae later, you will always be my Woonie. My friends. My brother. “

Woonie stayed silent for a long time and finally smiled weakly “I’m not going to make you turn to me right? No matter how hard I tried. “

I smiled and wiped his forehead “I love you Woonie. Really.”

“Thanks Noona. Forgive me.”


“Noona!” One arm were around me from behind all of sudden and I know exactly who it is.

“”Woonie! Hi! “I looked at him. His face was still a bit pale but he was much better than that day.

“I have full classes today. So I joined the afternoon practice. “

“Need a company?”

“Well if you’re not tired go ahead.” Woonie grined.

We walked into the studio and then we saw Hae at the gate. We walked to him.

“I need to talk to you.” Donghae said to me.

“Okay, I’ll leave you two alone.” Woonie smiled and ruffled my hair softly “Bye Noona. See ya. “

After Woonie disappeared from sight. Hae look at me deeply. I was so nervous, too.

“Angel, Sarangheyo.”

I was shocked. I just looked at him. Blank. I blinked my eyes. I even pinched my own arm. It could be a dream.

“Hey what are you doing?” Asked Donghae saw me act strangely. I was so embarrassed, too.

“Ehh I just … I think I’ve heard wrong…I heard you say… “

“Sarangheyo.” Donghae said again.

That time I was sure I did not dream. My face heated up. My happiness overwhelming that I do not know what to react.

“You … you surprised huh? Sorry. I didn’t mean to … sorry if I’ve … “

I immediately hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear “Na-do sarangheyo”

Donghae immediately hugged me back tightly and he kissed my lips. People began arriving. I don’t care about them watching us. I love Donghae and I want everyone even the whole world knows that I love him.


(Woonie’s POV)

I couldn’t just walkaway. I was watching them. I already know it will soon happen. I know. Teukie told me about Hae-after I forced him-I took a deep breath. Trying to let go of the pain to saw Hae kissed my Noona. I smiled weakly. I know I love my Noona. I will continue to love her but I don’t want to be an obstacle to her happiness. If he’s happy with that man named Lee Donghae, no matter how hurt it is I’ll try to face it. Sometime later I’ll get used to it anyway. I just have to be more mature now. I might just a dongsaeng for my Noona but I’m not a kid anymore. I, Son Dong Woon will be Angel’s companions and protectors . Start from now and I will continue to guard her. I looked at them who now walked arm in arm. I smiled a little and continue my journey to the campus, whistling happily.


U-KISS : First Kiss Album Release

U-KISS will officially release their first Japan Album FIRST KISS on December 10th 2010 (Which is my birthday too!!! I’m so excited ^^)

First Kiss Album Cover

Neorago (Part 1)

Neorago (Part 1)

I walked out from my house. Another great day for me. It’s autumn but I felt so warm and happy. I don’t know why. It’s just me.

“Noona!” Someone hug me from behind. I was so surprised and just about to hit that person until I saw his face.

“Woonie…” I groaned. Woonie is my childhood bestfriend. We’re nextdoor neighbor and he’s 3 years younger than me.

“Morning Noona…” he smiled and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Morning Woonie.” I returned his smile. It’s hard to keep in bad mood when Woonie is around.

“Where are you going?”

“Training. Duuh.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Angel. I’m a trainee. Woonie –okay his real name is Dong Woon- is a trainee to but he still in a college and he always wake up early to walk me to the studio.

“Hahaha…well I just have one class today. So, I’m gonna take you out for…”

“Wait.wait “ I cut him off “You gonna take me out without…asking me first?” I stopped walking. I looked at him. Raised an eyebrow.

“Well…you have other plan?”

“No. Of course not. But…well…I don’t know.”

I can’t tell him this. I don’t know. We never keep a secret from each other. But I don’t wanna share this with him. I’m in love. Yeah, there’s a guy. He’s a senior and I’m in his dancing class.


We arrived at the Studio.

“Okay Woonie, bye…”

“I’ll pick you up at 1.30”

I just gave him a quick smile and ran to the building.

“Angel!!!!” said the other trainees, they waved at me.

“Hello!!!!” I waved back.


Suddenly I heard a deep voice from behind. I turned my head to the voice and saw him. Yes. Him. I felt my face getting all red and hot. I tried to control myself.

“Morning Ahjussi.” I nodded at him.

He chuckled which made him more gorgeous “I’m not that old…Angel. But I’m sure I’m older than you. I’m Donghae.”

“I’m Angel…” I said as my face getting hotter and hotter.

“You okay?” he asked.

I nodded fast “Yeah….yeah…I’m okay. I’m completely fine.”

“See you in class, dongsaeng.” He smiled and walked away.

I just starred for few minutes until a trainee tap my shoulder.

“Angel, what are you doing here? Let’s go.”

“Oh. Oh yeah.” I followed her into the building


(Woonie’s POV)

Something’s wrong with her. It’s like she’s hiding something from me. I’m sure. I know my Noona better than anyone else even herself. I watched her as she ran towards the building then I saw him. That guy and my Noona were all red and everything and I know my Noona’s in love and she didn’t tell me. I don’t why I can’t stand the view of them together. So I just walked away to my college.


(Angel’s POV)

I was so excited that day. I did the warm-up and later he came. He with all his charm. I couldn’t stop starring at him. He looked at me and smiled. Oh my God he’s so beautiful. I smiled back at him then the practice started.



I drank my water.

“Hey Angel.”

I almost choke but I ended up with coughing like crazy.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

I cleared my throat “No. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

He sat beside me “Well, to be honest, you’re the most talented trainee in my class and I really wanna know you…better.”

I blushed furiously as I smiled at him “Ehh…thank you…”

“So…wanna go get lunch with me?”


“Yeah only if you want. We can have private talk…get to know each other…”

“Sure.” I smiled brightly

“See ya at the front gate then?”

I nodded.

I took my bag and walked happily to the front gate. But when I open the door I saw Woonie stood there. His back against the pilaster.

“Woonie…wh-what are you doing here?”

His smile gone and he frowned “What am I doing here? We gonna lunch together Noona.”

“Uhh…I – uhh – I can’t Woonie…” I looked down.

“Why? What happened?” he lifted my chin “Are you sick Noona? You look kinda pale…”

I step backward and when I was about to make an excuse. The door open and there’s Donghae.

“Ahh, here you are Angel. Can we go now?”

I froze and my heart beat faster. I won’t see Woonie’s reaction.


(Woonie’s POV)

I couldn’t believe it. I looked at that guy and then at my Noona. She rejected me for that guy?

“Hello, are you Angel’s friend?” said that guy with a smile.

I looked away. I couldn’t hold my anger any longer. I don’t even know where that feeling came from. So I just said in a very low voice “Yeah…maybe.” And walked away.


(Angel’s POV)

I just saw him walked away.

“Hey Angel…we…we don’t have to go if…”

“Oh no. It’s okay. We just had a little misunderstanding. But we can solve it tonight.” I hope – I added it in my mind. I know Woonie will never forgive me for rejecting him like that.

“you sure?”

I didn’t want him to be sad too so I forced my best to smile “It’s okay. We’re bestfriend. We can solve it.”

Donghae smiled and took my hand “Okay then…come on.”


That Night.

I put on my white robe with little Strawberries printed on it (I love Strawberry) and I looked out from my window – my bedroom window is right next to Woonie’s bedroom window – His window were shut but the curtain’s open. I open my window, leaned on it and just stared at his window. Then I suddenly hear a voice behind me. Right in to my ear.

“looking for someone?”

I startled and then realized. It was Woonie. I turned at him and hug him.

“Woonie…I’m so sorry.” I teared up. I felt so guilty.


(Woonie’s POV)

I was surprised. I never thought she would hug me. I hug her back and I wouldn’t let go. I was too afraid

“It’s okay Noona. I’m sorry.”

“I just…I really like this guy…”

I felt my heart break into pieces. It’s weird. I mean…she’s my childhood bestfriend. She’s my Noona. She’s my treasure but…oh God…do I…


(Angel’s POV)

I slowly pulled away until around 5 minutes sobbing in his arms.

“How did you get here?”

“From front door. Duuh…”

“Teukie let you pass?”

Woonie just gave me a mysterious smile and then he sat on my bed.

“Why, Noona?”

“Why what?” I sat next to him.

“Why you didn’t tell me? About that guy?”

I bit my lip “I don’t know. Really, I never mean to hide it from you. I just…I don’t know.”

Woonie just stared at me. He stroked my hair and he moved his face close to mine.


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